07 September 2011

I'm Looking for Guest Posts...

You know I'm traveling soon right?
A whole month in the UK with my family.

NOTE TO WOULD-BE BURGLARS: Our home will be occupied at all times by very big strong rugby players my parents. Also, we have nothing worth stealing, unless you mistake my son's kindy art for a Picasso. {Mr G is very security-conscious. There's also an alarm and a Rottweiler}

Ahem. Righto, back to the topic at hand.
I'm going to be away traveling, exploring the world and ticking things off my bucket list and I may or may not get much chance to blog while I'm away.

You know I'd love to.
But when I suggested bringing the laptop, my Beloved said "not likely" in a tone that left no room for discussion.
Blogging is not high on Mr G's priority list for this trip.
And Grandma's computer was slow two years ago. So blogging from the UK is possible but may be tricky.

Which means that I am looking for guest posts, to keep my blog ticking over while I am off having adventures.


I plan to feature four guest posts - one per week that I'm away.

I'll be looking for topics that will be of interest to my readers - if you're a regular here you know the kind of stuff I do. I'd love some guest posts that share how-to tips {for parties, blogging or photography} or maybe some family fun ideas, humour, parenting, or even a personal journey.

This is a great way to introduce my lovely readers to your lovely blog - you will be able to include a link to your blog and/or your blog button on your post.

Your posts will need to include images, and not be too long or wordy.

I am happy to use material from your blog that you have already posted - if you have a post you are particularly proud of, you could adapt it for my readers with a little intro about yourself.

If you would like to be a featured Guest Blogger...
...please email your posts (or post ideas and link to your blog) to me at greatfun4kids@live.com

I'll be picking my four favourites to go up while I'm seeing the world.
Hope to hear from you soon!

{PS Dear Lovely Readers... please feel free to suggest Guest Bloggers or guest post ideas in the comments!}

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Anonymous said...

I can't promise i won't swear, and i don't do photos.
I think i counted myself out of a job


hope you find some eloquent peeps


Meghan Maloney Photography said...

I'm keen. Now just gotta think of something interesting to say!

Gail said...

I'd quite like to hear a piece by Mr G, specifically on how blogging has had a positive influence on his household.

One from your parents too on their move to the big smoke.

And one from Dave the cat.

Jen said...

cool the UK do have fun and safe travels

jacksta said...

the words "not worthy come to mind"
None of my writing/posts is good enough for your amazing blog...but if any of it takes your fancy. I get quite a lot of traffic with my Littlest Pet shop post...one of the only partys you haven't done yet ;)

Leonie said...

I think you should use Jackstas post about coffee groups and fitting in, its fantastic, pfft to her thinking she's not good enough, it was the first post that came to my mind!!!!

Simoney said...

Send it to me Jacksta!!

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