11 September 2011

Caught on Camera: Daddy's Little Helper

There's a hole in the back fence.
Daddy gets his tools.
"I'm coming too Daddy!" calls a little voice.
Feet run swiftly to follow. 
Eyes watch every move.

Daddy has his hammer.
The little helper has his too.
But is a hammer the right tool for the job????
The little helper is not so sure.

"There must be a better tool in here somewhere," the eager helper thinks to himself
as he searches through his tools.

"Aha! The very thing!"

"I've got it, Dad!" he calls
as he strides purposefully back, wrench in hand.
"This one you grab on and you turn it around..."

"Ahhhh, that's great, son," Daddy says 
as he looks up and gives the photographer a wink.
"That's just what we were needing..."

{Daddy's Little Helper makes this photographer grin from ear to ear
and fills her heart with the warmest of fuzzies}

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jacksta said...


Anonymous said...

What a precious moment!

PaisleyJade said...

Super precious!!

Anonymous said...

HOW adorable!

Anonymous said...

What a gorgeous post that celebrates your "beloved" as the best father in the world! Father & child relationship is so special beyond words. An absolute gift to be treasured always for sure :)

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