09 September 2011

It Could be Worse (Grateful its NOT)

I should be back in bed.
I need to be back in bed.
So this won't take a moment.
Just a quick-smart grateful-loving post, where I count my blessings.

My blessing list starts off with the phrase, "It could be worse..."

I may have spent all night vomiting... but it could be worse.

It could have happened next week, the day before we travel. It didn't. I'm grateful for that.

It could have happened tonight when Mr G is away.

It could have happened tonight when I would have been at my friends house, eating fish'n'chips. I could have given them all my bugs. Spewed takeaways all over my Odyssey on the Motorway. Had no-one to rub my back when when I woke up heaving. It didn't. I'm grateful for that.

It could have been worse.
I might not have taken the precaution of phoning the Walking Bus Driver when I started feeling queasy. I might have had to walk to school in charge of chattering children feeling like something the cat dragged in. It didn't happen. I am grateful for that.

It could have been worse. I could have eaten nachos for tea. I didn't. I'm grateful for that.

It could be worse. I might have no friends to call on when I'm sick. But I am blessed with many wonderful caring friends. And a friend is coming soon to pick up Scrag. Love that. Grateful for that.
{Grateful that until then there is the TV. Oh Yes. Grateful today for the Idiot Box and DVD's}

Grateful that my lovely friend Meg dropped me in a copy of the latest Parenting Magazine. Featuring my "Confessions of a Lazy Mother" story. Loving being in print. Loving getting emails and messages from people who have read my story, identify with it and thank me for sharing it.

I love writing.
Even now, I should be in bed, but here I am, words pouring out... I can't help myself!

It could be worse. In so many ways.
But its not.
I'll start feeling better soon, as soon as I get off here and get back in bed.
Sip my water. Take my Panadol.
Loving the fact that I can find things to be grateful for even today.

Because as Kristy says:

"I wholeheartedly believe that no matter what is happening in your life, there is always something that you can be thankful for... no matter how simple it is."
So how blessed am I?


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Rebecca said...

Get better Simone.. Yay and maybe I need to subscribe to Tne parenting mag from over here now that you're in it!!

Mika said...

awww you poor thing. I hope you feel better soon.

I'm looking forward to reading your article! yay!

Jen said...

sori your feeling sick
get better soon my dear friend

Lyns said...

Aw Simone...sorry you are sick. Rest up big time (where poss!!!). Sending you lots of love (from afar though as I am vomit phobic!!).
Pray you feel much much better soon.

alicia said...

Aww. You didn't even mention it. Hugs my friend. Here's to a speedy recovery. And thanks for the timely message.

Sam said...

Sorry you are unwell, what a positive attitude you have though, that's great to see, get better soon xSam

count it all joy said...

Sorry you feel so yucky! I'm super-happy you didn't have nachos...that just doesn't bear thinking about:) Hope you feel better soon. Meredy xo

PaisleyJade said...

Oh wow - you're amazing being grateful while being so sick! Get well soon dear friend.

p.s. I think Jackie mentioned it but one of our friends loved your article and is sharing it at our mums group next week. You are such a gifted writer (even when you're sick ;)

Hootnz said...

Wow, you have such a great look on life even admidst your sickness.... hopefully its short lived and you feel better soon :)

Cat said...

Sorry to hear you're not well - vomit really is awful - but yet you still find the energy to write an amazing post and find things to be grateful for - for that I admire you xxx
Get better soon

kasia leach said...

Firstly... L.O.V.E! Your blog!!

You poor thing!! I went to bed last night and asked hubby to bring in a bowl.. Didn't need it in the end but, oh my.. My stomach made some special sounds!!

Hope you're feeling better soon!!

Unknown said...

I can't unfortunately relate this week. Although I haven't had the vomiting, just the flu - but that is bad enough. Hope you feel better soon, and yes...things could be worse xx

Seana Smith said...

Hello, hope you got back to bed and totally relaxed and that you're all better soon. Congrats on the article too, must find and read that - well done!

Unknown said...

hope you're feeling better soon xx

Neetz said...

You get yourself better really quick okay....

Have to say I am so impressed that even through all of that gut-spilling spewing, nausea etc, you are still blogging... you are my "today's hero" ;) xxxx
Luv Neetz x

Unknown said...

Oh Simone, there you are in bed sipping from a half full cup (and yet, still writing so beautifully). Thanks for beige grateful when you could have been thinking of reasons not to be! You have a lovely home and I'm off to read you article!!! Xx

Unknown said...

Oh dear, my iPhone autocorrect has been up to its usual naughtiness.

You knew I meant "Being Grateful" right?


Kirsty said...

Hope you feel better soon! Its rotten being sick! Will have to grab a copy of the mag, I love reading peoples articles in print!

ju said...

Oh you poor thing, nothing worse than being unwell, you are such and inspiration in finding blessing even with such a challenging situation. You've inspired me to start a blog, not that I'm brave enough to show anyone yet lol!! Now if only I could inspire myself to get on with the work I should be doing too!! Take it easy and get all recovered for your amazing adventure!

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