28 September 2011

Guest Blogger: Project Alicia on Motherhood

Welcome today to our lovely Guest Blogger, Alicia of Project Alicia, all the way from Iowa, USA. Alicia is one of my favourite bloggers and an amazing photographer - she's also the one who introduced me to Photoscape... so you can I bet I love her a lot! Her images often give me goosebumps and steal my breath away. I asked Alicia to share with us a post she wrote on Motherhood that brought tears to my eyes and gave me a serious case of the warm'n'fuzzies. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did... if you're mother, I know you'll relate xxx

... that I could grow as big as a house in 9 short months.


... that labor could last more than 24 hours.

... how difficult childbirth could be.


... that my child and I would both end up in ICU.

... that I would bring home the most beautiful, perfectly sculpted tiny person.


... that I could have cracked and bleeding nipples.

... that I could love another human being this much.


... that I would want to lock myself in the bathroom from time to time.

... to invest in ear plugs.


... that I would put cabbage in my bra to alleviate painful clogged ducts.

... that a baby could cry for two straight months.


... that tantrums would start before "the terrible twos" and last well past the trying threes.

... how much joy I would feel watching those first steps.


... how much I would treasure showers alone.

... that a child could look so angelic after hours of screaming.


... how clingy a child could be.

... that there would be endless photo ops.


... that cutting a bottom front tooth at 24 months may be normal for your kid.

... how fast the years would fly by.


... that no amount of crunches would ever make my old abs come back.

... to cherish every single moment.


... how quickly I would forget all the milestones if I didn't write them down.

... to bring tissues to the first day of kindergarten.


... that I could laugh so much.

... to treasure snuggle time more.


... that a child could have a personality larger than life.

... about all the critters that would greet me unexpectedly.


... that there is a light at the end of the sippy cup/ carseat tunnel.

... that lego would overtake my home.


... that kids really do say the darndest things.

... that I would be a soccer mom.


... what a conversationalist a child could be.

... that there would be moments of pure awe.


... that sleep deprivation would make a comeback for the tween years.

... about the raw unadulterated emotions that would greet me for middle school.


... how much I would live in my car running kids from one activity to the next.

... what a godsend electronics would be for road trips.


... that I'm not smarter than a fifth grader.

... how busy I would be playing.


... how much I would have to bite my tongue.

... how moved I could be trolling through old photos.


... all that I would learn from my children.

... how much being a mom could change my life.





Thank goodness no one ever told me.


*sniff* pretty cool huh?

I hope you'll go over and make yourself known to my lovely friend Alicia {I call her "Lish" cos we are pals}and maybe even join in the Wordless Wednesday Linky that Alicia runs.

Are you enjoying these guest bloggers as much as I am???

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Cat said...



love and light

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alicia said...

Thanks girl! You made it look so awesome! Hope you are having a fab time! Thanks for the love.

Nicolette said...

Great post! Love all the pics and every statement is so true for every mom :)

Jen said...

That made me cry a bit. Your photos are just gorgeous as are the captions that go along with them. :)

dearfutureme... said...

Well said! Aaaaaand now I know what I have to look forward to! Hehe.

Cat said...

wickedly cool post - LOVE it xxx

Unknown said...

lovely...so true x

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