05 February 2012

I Need Me Some Pretty

I'm needing me some pretty.
Sitting at home in my PJ's aching in every muscle after my first go on my Wii Active 2 "game".
Exercise hurts!
I have a cough I cannot get rid of. Nasty phlegmy cough.
And wouldn't you know it? Today is the first day of FastStart 2012 - the Daniel Fast revisited. Three weeks with no dairy, no meat, no sugar. I'm a vegan without even the bread.
I'm actually looking forward to it, kind of.

It's Phase Two of "Get Simone Healthy".
Phase One was returning to a gluten-free diet. Check.
Phase Three is getting up and moving my ass.
Which began on Friday, much to my  poor ole thighs' dismay. Ouch.
Having said that, Active 2 is fun. I loved it.
And I'll be doing it again just as soon as I can move faster than a slow waddle.

Can you see why I'm needing me some pretty?
The black-and-white artists impressions pictures on my last post were getting me down.
I'm in need of some dreamy colour.
Some inspiring quotes.
So I turned to Pinterest.
Pinterest is guaranteed to distract me from the frustrating reality of the weekend Mess.

I mean, Friday the house was spick and span. But by dinner time, hubby was saying, "When was the last time time the floors were cleaned???"
Two hours ago!!!!!
Pointless isn't it?
Why do I bother fighting it, I wonder to myself.
I spent Thursday afternoon sorting out the boys' room. Culling toys. Sorting games and puzzles. Re-ordering storage. And then Scrag goes and trashes the place.
Pulls down every sorted game and puzzle, and then to top it off, pulls the dresser over on top of the muddle of trains and cars he'd flung around the room. Grrrr.
Who knew that cute three-year-olds could be so naughty?

That never happens on Pinterest.
Do you think anyone would repin a photo of "boys bedroom destroyed"?
I. Doubt. It.

So to comfort myself and distract from my reality, I've pinned some prettyness. And some coolness too.
Hope you likey.

{One day I'm gonna have me a party like this, with my friends...}
Source: Uploaded by user via Simone on Pinterest

{One day the sun will will remember it's meant to be summer 
and I can lie in a hammock like this}
Source: abacuscards.co.uk via Simone on Pinterest

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Cat said...

love and light

ps good on ya for moving your ass friend...it will thank you later!!!! lol

PaisleyJade said...

Beautiful photos - and oh yeah, I forgot to say that I was a cripple for about a week with sore muscles after starting that exercise program!!!

Miriam said...

Oh I'd like to come to that pretty party please!

Claudia said...

I'm so glad it's not just mine that do that to their bedrooms!! (and mine are 8 and 6 year old girls)

Anonymous said...

that party = my new happy place

Leonie said...

lots of prettiness...
my friend here is throwing me a party for my birthday.. my request at garden tea party with fairy lights... can you come????!!!

Gail said...

Well done my friend for getting physical all Olivia Newton John like. Proud of ya!

Brigitte said...

loving your pretties. That hammock looks SO inviting! But thats a faraway dream for as i look outside at the snow! :) x

Jess said...

Very pretty. So hearing you on the why bother cleaning - but here I am doing it again today.... I do believe in fairies! I just wish they would come at night and do the cleaning and tidying for me :)

Jen said...

id be into that movie at home evening

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