14 February 2012

So I Yelled


I am usually quite in awe of lioness mothers.
You know, the ones who snarl and defend their young with loud roaring.
Me, I am more of a mouse, or perhaps a deer in the headlights.
When conflict looms, I freeze... and then berate myself for hours afterwards, thinking up all the witty retorts or scathing remarks I should have said.

I heard a rumor that all mothers have lioness souls. I wished it were true.
My roar tends to be more of a squeak.

You need to understand this before I tell you my story, so you can fully appreciate its wow-ness.
Yesterday I found my roar.

I had finally gotten around to re-enrolling Miss Fab in gymnastics, at the YMCA.
The class has just ended, we are spilling out the doors.
"I'll race you!" shouts Scrag.

Behind me I hear a scuffle, some yelling. Scolding it sounds like.
Some mother growling loudly at her child for something or other...

Miss Fab appears at my elbow, tears in her eyes.
"She yelled at me mummy. that lady growled at me for running!"

What? That shouting was some woman was berating my child? For something as innocent as running?

I felt my blood stir.
Three women were now ahead of me. Which one was the meanie?
"What?" I said, "A lady growled at you for running? Surely nobody would speak that way to somebody else's child???"

My voice got louder as I gained confidence.

Sure enough, the meanie turned as she heard my words.
"Well I wouldn't have tripped her if she hadn't been running!" she yelled at me.

So this woman tripped my daughter and then growled her? Lovely.
"She's not crying because you tripped her. She's crying because a stranger yelled at her! I would never speak that way to somebody else's child!" (I was on a roll now)

"Well maybe I wouldn't have to tell her off if her mother had taught her how to behave!"
"She was running! It's what children do!"

The woman yelled at me: "Well you should teach her not to run inside..."
So I yelled back: "Pull your head in lady! What is your problem???"

I actually said it. Loud.
I found my roar.

Around me, other mothers rolled their eyes at her and shook their heads.
The mean mother walked swiftly away.

I did it. I stood up to a meanie, I faced down a bully. For the first time in my life.

I finally know how it feels to be a roaring Lioness and stick up for your cubs.
It feels good.


Are you a natural lioness or are you more timid like me? Have you ever had to roar?

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jacksta said...

wow! way to go Simone!

Lyndsay Wells said...

Hello there :-)

I loved this and TOTALLY related! My son is grown up now but I can remember like it was yesterday - the day I got my roar. An older boy was beating my son up and my inner lioness emerged. I was surprised by the ferocity!

Anonymous said...

And now your daughter knows her mummy has her back when someone else is in the wrong. Bravo you!

Tanya said...

Well done you!!! Sounds like a well-deserved roar!

Sophie said...

Wow, go Simoney! She sounds like a very odd woman!

Barbs said...

Way to go Simone.

Sammy said...

I am in awe, my friend. SO proud of you! I know how huge this was and I am terribly proud of you!!!!

remaliah said...

Good one Simone! I'm a bit half-half...though I tend to think of all the things I WISH I'd said afterwards, like you.

Anna @ green tea n toast said...

Good for you! It's funny how your protective instinct kicks in when your kids are involved. x

Cat said...

♥ you lioness mama!!!

Love and Light

momto8 said...

In this house it is the siblings that roar..they can be so mean to each other inside this house but someone does something on the playground to a brother...watch out!!
I have learned if it is not life threatening or morally offensive I stay out of it.

Brigitte said...

LOVE THIS!!!! Good on you for putting her in her place. Your satisfaction is obvious through your writing, I love it! xx

Mika said...

Oh my, my heart is pounding from just reading it! I can imagine your heart must have been beating a million beats per minute! Wow...you go ms lioness!

Cat said...

I'm the timid one, avoid conflict at all costs.
So proud of you for finding your roar.
I'd be in tears myself

Neetz said...

Good on you! Good on you for being a roaring Mummy lion! And for goodness sake, it was GYMNASTICS!! You're so right... "Pull your head in lady!" :) Yay you!!

Rae Ann said...

Good for you, Simoney! It is interesting, as a teacher, I don't have a problem with other people correcting my kids' behavior. But tripping them? WTH? BIG problem. Good for you for finding your roar!

Unknown said...

Good on you! "You go girl!"

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