08 February 2012

Working it

Righto. So I managed to retrieve the batteries from the Wii remotes long enough to snap some pictures. But today's post has nothing to do with the images at all.
Just thought you should know.

The photos are from Monday, Waitangi Day, when we took our new Swiss friends to Narrow Neck beach on a blustery faux-Summer day.

Our Swiss friend Jurg working out with Scrag

Nothing to do with me and my Active 2 Wii "game" and the fun we've been having together.
I set up my personal profile, selected the chick with the widest hips for my avatar, and clothed her in some pink trackies.
I chose the guy for my personal trainer - I like to pretend he's Bob from Biggest Loser -
so lets call him Bob.

Bob makes me run.
He makes me do stretches and mountain climbers and foot falls. I'm not sure sure if those are the correct  terms but Bob sure does get me sweating.
And I love the way Bob is so encouraging.
"Great workout!"
"Way to burn those calories!"
"You really gave that 100%!"

You know me - I'm the opposite of a fit freak.
I could have been the poster child for the Couch Potato Club.
But since I have started doing my Wii Active 2 workouts, I am having fun.
Fun doing exercise. Who would have thought?

This game sat in its packaging for over six months. Shame.
It mocked me whenever I walked past it :"Hey you bought me! Why don't you use me?"
I would hang my head and slink past to my spot on the couch.

But Thursday I got it out of the box. My friend helped me set it up.
The next day I used it for the first time. That was Friday.
I woke up on Saturday in a ball of pain.
I couldn't walk faster than a shuffle. I groaned with every movement.
At Narrow Neck Beach I merely sat in a chair and looked at others cavorting.
There was no way I could cavort if I wanted to.

Sunday came. I was still a symphony of sighs and groans.
It was not looking good for Active 2. Usually this was the point where I would give up...

But not this time, baby!
This time I did another workout. In pain as I was, I pushed through.
Dash wanted to play Wii so he kept encouraging me by saying, "Give up mum! It's too hard!"
But I didn't. I kept going. I completed every activity, right through to the cooldown.

And oh boy did I feel good.
Not my muscles, no. I still ached.
But I felt good that I had not quit. I did something hard, and I felt good about it.

At this point I discovered the Goals, built in to the game.
Workout goal: Four times in a week
Calories burned goal: 600
Time spent exercising goal: 2 hours

I had achieved the halfway point on Goal #1. Two out of four workouts completed.

Today I did two workouts. TWO.
So I have completed 4/4 workouts.
Burned 443 calories. Exercised 1.5 hours.
With a day to go. Tomorrow, I'm gonna nail it.

No weight lost. YET.
We should be seeing some results soon though - since I'm eating nothing but fruit and veges on my FastStart detox Daniel Fast.

Now I'm going to put it out there. An actual goal with a number and a deadline.

I am going to lose 13 kilograms by the end of 2012.
There, I even wrote it large.
I will do it the hard way, by eating well and exercising.
Dammit, I WILL!!!

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Jess said...

Yay go you! you are doing wonderful and are encouraging me to go pull the batteries out of my camera and do a wii New U Pilates and yoga workout. I did one two days ago and am still feeling the burn - but I can push through right!

Unknown said...

Well done. You should work for Wii! I'm almost ready to run to the shops to buy one after reading your post. Good Luck!

Unknown said...

Ps. The photos are fabulous - I love the sky. The clouds look wicked.

PaisleyJade said...

You totally will do it!! I found it took a few weeks to start losing weight... then it starts to drop off, especially as your metabolism speeds up. Also remember - muscle weighs more than fat ;)

Miriam said...

Go girl - Believing in you!

meg said...

Woohoo!! Well done. Two in one day you crazy lady! Am so glad you're enjoying it too. You're so much braver than I am on your blog. I never blog this kind of stuff. x

Cat said...

Go you xxx So much braver than me . . . I went on a weight loss mission but didn't dare tell anyone in case I failed (btw I didn't fail)
I believe in YOU xxx

Cat said...

yes yes yes you will!!!!!
you ROCK S!!!!!
You should be proud
i hope you are including some mirror love in that new lifestyle of yours...
that would be looking at yourself in the mirror and telling yourself how much you love you....yup, strange but effective
you go girl!

love and light

Brigitte said...

Good on you Simone! Very inspirational! :)

Lyn said...

ohmygosh I LOVE this!! Do you even have any IDEA how inspiring your words are girlfriend?

I am so with you on the exercise thing. You will laugh but a friend bought round a Zumba DVD the other night and we both had a go at it. I have never laughed so hard but secretly it was actually so fun I could have kept going all night but for my sore backside and thighs ;-)

I think you might actually be onto something with this 'inside workout' idea. Maybe I shall just go out and buy a Zumba DVD and join you on the 13kg goal! (won't buy a Wii as I am way too unco for that sort of thing haha)

alicia said...

Beautiful family photos! And good for you for setting such tough goals! I'm back at it too. :)

Lyns said...

Way to go Simone!!

jacksta said...

you can do it!
Thanks for the narrow neck pics. Im headed there this Sunday for a womans triathlon on Sunday...now theres an idea for you ;) You could totally do it. You already have a bike and can swim...walk the 3ks and boom! Your done. Think about it. Maybe next year?

Anonymous said...

You go girl! I can feel your excitement and I can't wait to celebrate with you when you reach your goal xo

KRISTYN said...

Good luck! Have you heard of the website myfitnesspal.com? It can calculate exactly how much weight you will lose based on your activity and food intake. Personally, I can exercise my heart out, but if I don't get the eating side of things under control the weight doesn't budge. My body has trained itself to use sugar as fuel rather than burn fat after a lifetime of cookie and chocolate abuse!
I find if I record everything I eat for a couple of weeks and I can see clearly how many calories I'm eating, it's much harder to lie to myself that just the one slice of cake won't hurt.

Sammy said...

You can do it Simoney!!!!

emma @ frog, goose and bear said...

You've inspired me!!! I need to be doing just the same!!

Neetz said...

Woohoo...go you! I must pull out my Wii fit and Wii active too....I've been slack!


Cat said...

Simoney you have so inspire me that this week you are one of my Brave Ones...I have linked this post to my Monday Offerings today...hope that is ok with you

Love and Light

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