13 April 2012

Briefly Lovin'

I'm in a rush, on a schedule.
I have a list of things to do as long as my arm.
Tomorrow is P-Day (like D-Day only it's a Party not a War).
There's no time to blog, really there's not.

It's 9.11am and already I have baked a double batch of cupcakes.
A giant chocolate cake is sitting on the bench waiting to be turned into a map of Neverland.
Miss Fab must be picked up from her friends in Epsom where she spent the night and taxi'ed to another friend in Te Atatu to help make sushi/play with her baby.
Last night I constructed a teepee... and realised that I need more fabric. It's a BIG teepee.

So on the way to pick up Miss Fab I'll swoop by Geoffs Emporium and hopefully find the roll of that awesome $2 a metre suedey stuff.
Scrag is refusing to get dressed... again. He spent all day in his PJ's yesterday.
The sun is shining. And the forecast is for more sun.
This is a good thing. Our party is completely reliant on good weather.

The Titanic DVD arrived in the post yesterday. Phew.
Hard to have a 100 Year Anniversary Titanic Night without the movie.
Did you know you can't buy it in NZ at the moment?
I found a copy on TradeMe, but you can't get it in the shops.
So I am totally grateful it arrived on time.
I think we'll watch it tonight, dressed in our First Class finery. I need to take a breather from party prep.

My Titanic-obsessed son said to me the other day, Mum if we were on the Titanic, we would be second class aye?
Second class citizens? Us?
No way, I said, We would totally be First Class.
He smiled at that. (There's no way I want him thinking of himself as Second Class. Even if we actually would have been)

So today I am loving the sunshine, things crossed off my to-do list, friends who make sushi, and other friends who send sweet treats in the Post all the way from London. (Nikki, you are the coolest).

I'm also loving the Edmonds book and its easy never-fail recipes, buttercream icing, birthday parties and birthday boys. Big boys who love history and little girls who love babies.

Now I've really got to run, cos I am so out of time it's not funny. See you on the other side of tomorrow...


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Sophie Slim said...

Okay this may just be me but I think it is SO cool to read about what goes on at your house before the partys!

Miriam said...

Oh have a wonderful time. I look forward to reading about the results

Neetz said...

All the best mate... I'm in the middle of Kendyls birthday prep too...just blogged about it yesterday..hahaha ;) All the best.. :)

And Yeahh...first class tickets ALL THE WAY!!

(Blogged about your giveaway today too!!) ;)

Weza said...

Miss Simone how you do such cool things and make it look so easy is beyond me. There is no way i could do a titanic night before a big party. I would be too wired. Have a fabulous party. xxx

Jess said...

Sounds like some fabulous things in store but requires lots of time and lists! Sending you strong thoughts and fun times.

Simoney said...

I dunno about making it look easy?!
Blog posts don't come with sound effects... (i.e. all the grumping and growling!)
Titanic Night will be pretty simple, really...
the older kids are as into it as me (if not MORE), so I think I will get them to do the decorating and come up with their own outfits!
Its nice now they are older - they can help Scrag too

remaliah said...

Hope the prep's almost done now and you're not feeling too frazzled! Can't wait to hear about it and see the photos :) I love my Edmonds...the other day I didn't notice it touching part of a hot element on the stove and so now half the pages have a nice antique-charcoaled edge look :O Have a great day tomorrow!!

Bron said...

You have a tonne of fun happening at your place ...have fun with the parties. xx

Jen said...

hope everything goes to plan

from what I have researched for men it didnt seem to make much of a difference what class they came from
scroll down til you see the odds of survival

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