25 April 2012

On Two Wheels

This little boy just turned four, right?
Just last week he was on a balance bike, doing his tricks.
Then on Sunday, daddy takes the trainer wheels off Dash's old red bike.
Scrag jumps on it... and off he goes.

Just like THAT, he's riding on two wheels.

So today we went on our first all-biking family adventure, to celebrate.
No more being a passenger on the back of daddy's bicycle.
Scrag is on his own two wheels...

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Claudia said...

So is that balance bike now looking for a new home...?

Jen said...

what a clever boy!!

Cat said...


love and light

Miriam said...

Go Scrag! Our wee guy just did the same and I am SO proud it's such a great milestone to hit!

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