08 October 2012

Best in Blog Goes ByeBye

You know it's impossible to do it all.
This is something I learnt "in theory" some time ago, yet continue to rediscover on a daily basis. Slowly I am trying to get my life to reflect this, by trimming the excess, using my time better, blocking in the non-negotiables. And sometimes good things have to fall by the wayside.
Things that I have enjoyed doing, but which add pressure, must be trimmed.

Right now, Best in Blog is being attacked by my time-management secateurs.
I'm having to prune it back to make more space for other things on my horizon.

Coming up in the next few months are a whole bunch of exciting things. Projects, special occasions and celebrations, parties, Christmas and a whole New Year.
I'm looking ahead at what I have coming up, and if I want to achieve some of the goals I have for myself by the end of this year (as well as keep my kids clothed, fed and cared for)... well,  have to reduce my current to-do list.

Best in Blog was fun, wasn't it? A chance to share the best of us from the past week, a nice way to start Monday.

Well, great minds think alike.
I've just discovered that over at Village Voices, Maxabella is also running a "link up your best post" linky on a Monday.
It's bigger, it's better organised (it has Maxabella) so I see this as the perfect opportunity to cut something from my To-Do list. So I'm hanging up my linky-host hat and pledging my Best Post from each week to Maxabella's Monday linky.

You can join me if you like (everybody's welcome.)

But before we bury Best in Blog, I just want to say thankyou to everyone who came by and linked up each week. I enjoyed reading your posts and discovering your blogs and I hope we'll still be friends. (See you over at Village Voices...?)

Either way, I'm off to turn my last year's Christmas story into a saleable Book on Blurb. I'm gonna figure out how to make it into an eBook for ya too, in time for Christmas. Oh yes, I plan to be a childrens book author (self-published) by the end of 2012. Worth dropping a linky for, right??

Oh and I have a couple of parties to plan. A School Holiday Lego Party (with lovely friends and neighbours) this Wednesday and a Light Party at the end of October.

Dash turns ten next month (we're having a campout party which won't be as pretty as this one)...

...and me? Well I'm also turning another larger greyer number, and hope to celebrate with an outdoor movie night. I really really want to make it pretty like the ones I'm drooling over on Pinterest...

                           Source: Uploaded by user via Simone on Pinterest

Then before you know it Christmas will be upon us with all the fun that brings...

So you can see we're gonna be mighty busy round here...

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