17 October 2012

Climbing High, Flying

Climbing can be scary. When we leave the safety of the ground in an attempt to scale new heights, we run the risk of falling, crashing, failing.

The fear of the unknown often keeps us earthbound. We know that gravity never takes a nap. One false step  and down we come.

So much safer to stay with our feet firmly planted, where if we trip and fall we only risk a scraped knee or a bruised ego.

But staying on the ground carries its own risks. Sure, we may be safe, but think of all the fun we are missing. And the view... think of the view!

Up high we can see for miles, we discover things we never knew were there. We can see where we are in the scheme of things too.

Down on the ground we see only what's right in front of us and a few glimpses of sky. The earthbound things block our view; we can't see the forest for the trees.

Up high, we can see forever. The sky stretches above us, limitless. Its as close to flying as we'll get. Up there, we're the King of the World.

The joy of climbing and seeing, almost flying... it's worth the risk of falling.

A wise man once said, "It's simple to mend a broken bone, 
but a broken spirit, crushed by fear? That's something altogether more difficult".

Fear of falling stops us from climbing. Fear of being hurt, stops us from taking risks.

But trying something new - conquering a fear - sets us free, gives us wings.

Whether it's trying the flying fox for the first time, riding an escalator, catching an airplane, managing a netball team... when we attempt the things we once feared and discover that the fear was unfounded (the plane didn't crash, we didn't fall off, the team survived)... it feels like flying.

And flying is so much better than staying on the ground, afraid to fall.

(P.S. The pictures were taken on Friday on a beautiful Spring day, at Pt Chev park, where Scrag conquered his fear of the Flying Fox and discovered what it feels like to fly)

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