30 October 2012

Bonus Freebies and New Designs (in my Etsy Shop)

I've been busy at work today and yesterday on my wee Etsy Shop, GreatfunDesign.
I've added new listings, optimised my SEO and added bonus free party Printables for most of my Personalised Invitation listings.
My back is killing. My butt is numb. I'm starving. But I love it!

Did you realise I have an Etsy shop?
I've been giving away free printable party invitations for years, but recently decided to sell the personalised versions through Etsy.

Since I opened my shop I've sold five designs and had 100% happy customers. Not bad.
But it could be better.
I tried running "ads" but after two weeks and only one sale, I decided to stop spending money I don't have yet, and concentrate on perfecting my little shop and adding to my merchandise.

I'm loving Etsy. It is so easy to work with.
While hunting around last night, I discovered a cool free app called Etsy Shoptimizer which gave me a "report card" on each area of my shop and showed me what I needed to do to improve my chances for people finding (and choosing) me. Thanks to Shoptimizer I now have a straight-A shop, from previously being a giant "F".

As part of the process I added in a couple of new designs, and a new shop section: "Party Printables". This is for personalised printables, like individual Water bottle labels, goodie bag tags or place cards, where you send me your guest list and I send you some cool personalised printables for each guest. (I'll be adding to this section over time; right now there's only one design in there).

While I was at it I decided to make my invitations even more enticing by giving away something free with every sale. Printables I've already designed (soda bottle labels, thankyou cards, gift tags) which will hopefully add to the appeal and increase the value of what customers get by buying one of my personalised invitations...

Along with the party details, I add in the party child's photo, turning them into a fairy, a princess, a Jedi battling Darth Vader or Peter Pan.
I honestly love each and every design.

The bonus freebie printables are not too shabby either. Some of them you'll have seen before, others have been specially created to match the invitations...

  1. Jurassic Juice Soda Bottle labels (free with Dinosaur Invitation)
  2. Neverland "thankyou for coming" tags (free with Peter Pan Invitation)
  3. Fairy Fizz Soda Bottle labels (free with Enchanted Forest Personalised Name Tags)
  4. Star Wars Force Juice Soda Bottle Labels (free with Star Wars Invitation)
  5. Royal Soda Bottle Labels (free with Princess Party Invitation
  6. Red Injun Juice Soda Bottle Labels (free with Wild West Party Invitation)
  7. Enchanted Forest tags (free with Enchanted Forest Fairy Invitation)
  8. Pirate Punch Soda Bottle Labels (free with Pirate Party Invitation)
  9. Boy vs Wild Water Bottle Labels (free with Boy vs Wild Adventure Party Invitation)
It doesn't matter where in the world you are because I email you the high-quality file and then you print off as many as you like, however you like. (If you're in New Zealand I can even get you a great deal on magnets).

So you can see I've been busy playing shops. I'd love you to come by, maybe *favourite* something, add me to your circles, or even share my designs with friends who have birthday parties coming up...?
I'd be eternally grateful.

Thanks a bunch ♥

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