01 October 2012

Hong Kong Disneyland - a Flying Visit

I have just downloaded 473 photos from our China trip. Makes me tired just thinking about turning them all into stories, I mean, where do I begin?

The thought of blogging right now, with school holidays in full swing, and the remnants of jetlag being compounded by the switch to Daylight Saving... let's just say, YAWN!

So I'll begin at the end because I'm completely random like that, and I fancy playing with my photos of Disneyland (many of them snapped by my able assistant, Miss Fabulous).

We took a risk, Miss Fab and I. On our way home to NZ, facing a marathon eight hours in Hong Kong airport, we decided to stow our carry-on luggage, clear Customs and take a taxi to Hong Kong Disneyland. A couple of days before we flew I did some google research and found that Disneyland is only a 15 minute drive from the airport... extremely do-able.

[The Carousel; I cannot think about what I look like right now, with the humidity hair and the sweat dripping;
adventures are not about looking beautiful, right?]

Not only is Hong Kong Disneyland super-easy to get to, but it's also very very cheap. In-Transit visitors pay a mere $HK230 = around NZ$35 ($US29), making it worth a visit even if you only have half a day to spare.
[ToyStoryland... where i got told off TWICE for sitting down on a giant block]

Half a day at Hong Kong Disneyland is much preferable to spending eight hours in an airport, and a much nicer way to finish out your holiday. So my fellow travellers, if you ever find yourself in transit in Hong Kong airport facing a long stretch waiting around (with kids), here's what to do...

  • Before clearing Customs find the airline desk and get yourself a boarding pass for your onward flight if you don't have one already. Then you don't have to worry about checking in, which will give you more time to play at Disneyland.
  • Clear Customs (you should have your luggage checked all the way through to your final destination, so you don't need to bother with baggage claim either)
  • Find the "Left Luggage" counter in Terminal 2 and leave your carry-on bags there. You will pay around $NZ20 for two pieces of luggage for the whole time you are at Disneyland (you pay on collection; don't lose the ticket)
  • Head to the Taxi stands outside terminal 2 and tell the attendant you are going to Disneyland. They will point you towards the green Taxis which are local to the area and therefore cheaper. It will cost you around $HK100 each way for the trip to Disneyland ($NZ15) and takes only 15 minutes.

  • At Disneyland, you will find the Guest Relations kiosk next to the main Ticketing/Gate area. Show them your Boarding pass and ask for the In Transit Special. You will pay the Child admission price to get in. Bonus!
[Umbrellas come in handy rain or shine]

  • Explore Disneyland. But first make sure you are wearing comfortable walking shoes or you'll get blisters like I did. Ouch. Oh and you'll need sunscreen and an umbrella for shade, cos it is HOT. If you didn't bring any of the above, count yourself lucky that the HK Disneyland stores aren't too overpriced... and your US, AUS, UK or NZ currency goes a loooong way.
  • Allow two hours to get yourself back to the airport and through Customs again with plenty of time. There are always taxis waiting outside Disneyland. Don't forget to pick up your left luggage. You might even have time to do a little shopping at HK Airport...
  • If you get lost in the airport, or your kid forgets her jacket or you can't find how to get back to your Left Luggage don't stress. There are loads of helpful English-speaking people ready to help you in Hong Kong Airport. It's a really really nice airport, great staff, even free computers all over the place. 

It's really very simple aye? And well worth doing. Such a nice way to end an adventure. Apart from the blisters. OK, and the sweating. But still - well worth the effort ♥

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