12 February 2013

Another (Week-Long) Weekend at Sandy Bay

Don't you love it when you go away for just two nights and come home feeling like you've had a week's holiday?
That's the Sandy Bay Effect.

You may have just one short weekend to sniff salty air and chillax in the sun-dappled shade with a good book while the waves crash and the tide goes in and out... but by the time you heft the last bag of togs'n'towels up the sixty steps to the people-mover, you'll feel like you've been gone from civilisation for at least seven days.

No TV.
No cell phone coverage.
A loo that can only be flushed occasionally.
A view to steal the breath from your lungs.

A beach almost all to yourself.
Good friends, good food.
A glorious giant pohutukawa to spread yourself under.
Cloudless sunshine and stacks of old mags'n'books.

Then you discover that Sandy Bay is not quite as out in the *wopwops* as you first thought.

Because if you wander down the beach on a summer's morning/afternoon/evening you will find the Havana Cabana. Serving all kinds of good eats, great coffee and Pina Colada Slushies.

They even have a church service, cafe-style, during the summer months. Whoever turns up is welcome.
Some days they might get as many as fifty people wandering up the beach to sing songs and share, other days, maybe just two. But the welcome is always the same.
After the bread-and-grapejuice of communion comes churros and slushies.

The kids loved it. No flash programmes, or entertainment, just a basket of musical instruments and the invitation to help choose and accompany the songs.
Church out in nature, with God's handiwork is our backdrop (and a slushie or two).

Just one more reason to LOVE Sandy Bay, our rustic, borrowed home-from-home in Kiwiana Paradise.

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