15 February 2013

A Whole Lot of Lovin'

 First on the List of Lovin is Friday, the most glorious day of the week, with all the weekend ahead of us. It's the Anticipation I love.

(These small people also love that I downloaded Temple Run 2 onto my Tablet.)

Next on the List is Flat Caps, also known as Snap-Backs. These beauties modeled by my offspring are the Genuine Article, all the way from New York. And Boston. A gift from Aunty Kristen who has just returned from the U.S. of A. where they went with my talented nephew to audition for some prestigious ballet schools.

And they just heard, he has already been accepted by the school in San Francisco, where he will get to train and perform with the Lines Ballet. We are all so excited and proud of him. Seventeen and living the dream. (He started dance when he was THREE and has said from a very tender age he wanted to be a professional dancer, and one day have his own studio. Amazing.)

Congratulations Joel! Loving that my nephew is so talented he was singled out by 
Michael Jackson's ballet teacher (!) and given one-on-one tuition. 
Watch this Space. 
(New Zealand HAS got Talent after all...)

Loving that SOMEBODY is organised in the morning. Or should I say the evening. Dash has taken it upon himself to set the table for breakfast each evening, and make sure the lunchboxes are packed and ready for the coming day. Dash hates to be late, so this ensures he is always on time. 

I am also loving Dash's newfound love for school this year. Last year was a battle every single day to get him to go. THIS year, with a lovely new teacher and his best bud back in his class, Dash has a whole new attitude, and other people are even noticing. Dash is in the school's 1st Eleven football team and his coach (also the school receptionist) gave me the best compliment the other day...
"I am so impressed with Dash's attitude this year," he said. "He's like a different kid. He's on fire on the football field, his attitude is great, he's a real team player; but also his whole demeanor is just lovely. When he comes into the office, the way he speaks and asks for things, his manners, it's just lovely...."

I can tell you I got quite choked up. We've had our struggles over the past two years. THIS year is going to be different. Love. That.

(Also loving Hot Cross Buns for breakfast. I feel a tinge of Autumn already - my favourite season)

And Finally. I am loving my own little Michael Jordan - Scrag - who wants to be known as M.J.
He was inspired by the movie Space Jam (which he must have watched ten times) and has been out shooting hoops and playing basketball ever since.

He's four. And very tall. (He wears size six clothes already, and Dash's hand-me-down t-shirts go directly to him, instead of languishing in drawers waiting for him to grow into them. He's going to be the tallest of my kids, I just know it).

A month ago he was using the rubbish bin to reach the hoop. Now he can slot one in from the ground, with regular ease.

He is taking on his big brother at every turn, loving the competition.
I am having to rethink my plans to get him into Rippa Rugby this year... wondering if maybe there's a basketball league for little guys with big dreams instead?

That's all for now folks.
Have a great weekend.

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