06 February 2013

Brotherly Bonding (over Lego)

Moments of brotherly bonding are so sweet. When Big brother shows little brother how to do something, when he introduces him to the joys of being a bigger boy... when Little Brother gazes adoringly at Big Brother... plenty of warm fuzzies.

So when I was offered the chance to road-test the Lego City Firetruck I thought "PERFECT!" a gerat opportunity for some brotherly role modeling. Introduce my almost-five year old to the fun of Lego construction. Scrag has been gazing longingly at Dash's Lego collection for years. he has been shooed away and asked to go out, don't touch, leave it alone.

Now it was his turn, his chance.
A Lego set (mostly) for him.

They made this one pretty easy. It came in two packets, Stage One and Stage Two. Don't open Stage One until Stage Two is built. Easier to find the bits (good thinking Lego people).

Scrag was impressed with the burly firemen.

He wasn't really much help on the actual construction, though he did help find the bits Dash needed next and sang (loud) songs to help keep his big brother motivated. Mostly he was just an enthusiastic onlooker...

Dinner was announced half way through construction. The first bag of bits was all used up; time to eat. Continue after tea. (Made it so easy to not lose bits while we took a break).

Finally the Fire Truck was complete, including an extension ladder that swivels and goes up and down, and a hose that can be unwound and used to put out fires.

Dash wanted to put it on a shelf and admire his handiwork. Scrag wanted to play with it.
Guess who won?

That's the difference between Big Boys and Little Boys: Lego is for playing with, not just admiring.

Action not Art.

Which of course means that in the course of rescuing cats from trees and babies from burning buildings, we will inevitably require some running repairs. A ladder re-attached, a hose re-wound.
Thank goodness for Big Brothers aye??

Lego City Fire Truck
Satisfies the requirements of Big Boys and Little Boys alike. Connect the hose, extend the ladder and suit up in firefighting gear. Then it's time to grab an axe, climb the ladder and extinguish that fire. Includes 2 firefighter minifigures with assorted accessories.

Age: 5-12 years

RRP: $ 39.99

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