16 February 2013

Family Movie Night: Peter Pan

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I'll never forget the first time I watched Peter Pan. I was completely magicked to Neverland, caught up in this timeless tale, and in love with the young Peter Pan. The next morning I watched it again.
Still today, four years later, I will happily watch this movie repeatedly, without getting bored.
It's an absolute gem.

I'm not talking about the Disney animated film, I'm talking about P.J. Hogan's live action version which brings J.M. Barrie's book to life. It's raw, it's gritty, it's magical. Oh and it's funny. It tugs your heartstrings.
There's plenty of adventure, swordfighting and flying.
Mermaids, Fairies, Lost boys, Pirates.
And a growing up tale.

For those whose children are a little younger, you can't go wrong with the Disney version. It's still a great story and little kids love it. Everything is sugar sweet, and Hook doesn't get gobbled by the croc at the end, he just gets chased into the sunset.
The Disney Peter Pan is fine. Great for littlies.
But if your kids are just a smidge older, if they can handle a more dastardly Hook, a story with a bit more depth, I can wholeheartedly recommend the live action film for a family movie night.
(We love this film so much we managed to persuade Scrag to have a Peter Pan party when he turned four - and it was maybe my best party ever).

It's been a while since we watched a movie that we all loved - this was one of them. It's pretty special. we thought. A bit magic - edgy, a teensy bit dark in a couple of places but it's one of those ones I'd like to have in our collection. It's quite different to the Disney version, not in the storyline, which is pretty faithful to the original book/stage play by JM Barrie. I have given it 5 stars but because of the darker moments it suits school aged children, not preschoolers.

KID WATCHABILITY: I think the Disney version is better for younger children; this one is more suited to older kids, really, although the younger kids really took to it. They watched it again (more than once) the next morning.
SCARY BITS: We didn't have to fast-forward any bits, but I nearly did during the fight in the Dark Castle where Hook tries to trap Pan. The Croc is pretty impressive; Captain Hook is pretty villainous; he dispatches (kills) a couple of his pirates. No blood and gore or anything visable but it is a bit edgy in those bits. However that isn't the focus and the kids didn't notice.
GROWN-UP WATCHABILITY: Fantastic. Mr G and I both loved it (and I confess I watched it again the next morning with Miss Fab).

We give Peter Pan ♥♥♥♥♥

Peter Pan Theme Fun (to Make Your Movie Night even more Super-Cool-Fab)

It's a lot of fun (and very easy) to have a Peter Pan Theme Night. I have loads of ideas from our party that you can borrow and adapt for a theme night... or a birthday party! This theme has something for everyone. Sword fighting, Pirates, Crocodiles, Fairies, Mermaids and Never Growing Up. Check out our ideas...

Pirate Punch Soda Bottle Printables

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