23 February 2013

Family Movie Night: Gulliver's Travels

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Our Super-Cool-Fab Review Team...

Our crack team of expert Movie Reviewers are this week reviewing Gulliver's Travels

Gullivers Travels is fun. It's silly. And it stars Jack Black. I haven't always been a Jack Black fan, I can tell you, but since starring in fun family movies like The Muppets, Jack has endeared himself to us.

We originally saw this film when it first came out, but the kids had picked it to go on our Fatso "Queue"; this week we sent back a bunch of movies, and Fatso sent us out some more, before I even had a chance to go and grab some using the Get Now. Very efficient of them.

Gulliver's Travels was the obvious choice for our Friday Night Family Movie Watch. Something we could all enjoy. Even Mr G enjoyed this movie (he's hard to please when it comes to flicks - it's a British thing. He's allergic to what he calls "American crap" - no offense to all my lovely American readers).

The story is very loosely based on the classic book by Jonathan Swift. Lemuel Gulliver works in the mailroom at a magazine. He has a crush on the travel editor, and in an attempt to get her attention he stumbles into a gig researching a story about the Bermuda Triangle. Out alone on a boat (okay it's a crazy, improbable story) he gets sucked into a vortex and finds himself washed up on a beach in a country called Lilliput, surrounded by tiny people who call him The Beast.

It's a pretty cool cast - Billy Connelly, Emily Blunt, Jason Segal and Catherine Tate among others - and the script is funny and quirky and ironic. We giggled all the way through, and not just at Jack Black's giant builder's crack.

This movie is rated (PG), and is probably best suited to school-age kids due to the abundance of silly toilet humour, but there's nothing in it that requires a ready finger on the *fast forward* button. A couple of atomic wedgies make their debut, along with a giant Jack Black saving the day by putting out a fire using, um, a different kind of hose. Nothing seen of course. Just implied. That was very scary for the Lilliputians, I can tellya.
We are kind of silly so we really enjoyed this movie. You might be classier than us, in which case you might find it a bit crass in parts. Don't say I didn't warn ya.

Here's what our experts have to say about Gulliver's Travels.

Dash. B. Cool: "It was good, funny, a good laff. The Titanic bit was the funniest part, where Jack Black pretended to everyone that was his life story."

Dash scores this movie's "coolness" as: 

Foxy Fab: "It's the best movie we've watched so far. I've only ever seen it at the movies. I like this movie because it's a very funny and romantic movie and it has action also. it has a little bit of everything I like in it. The main character is Jack Black and he's my favourite actor cos he is funny."

Foxy rates this movie's "fabness" as: 

Super Scrag: "I thought about it, it was kind of, um I didn't know there were Queens in it. And I want to have two hearts. It was a little bit funny but it also was annoying and I didn't like it that much. But I liked it when he was in the dolls house."

SuperScrag scores this movie's "super-ness" as: 


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