07 February 2013

I'm Branching Out... (new Custom Blog Design service)

Since I began blogging four and a half years ago I've learnt a thing or two. I've figured out how to manipulate html code, create buttons and make things click. I've shared what I've learnt with you, my readers, creating a whole page full of Blog Tips and How To's.

My social media buttons post is one of my most popular ever, with over 150 comments, all from bloggers who had been googling for hours/days/weeks trying to figure out how to  make/get the jolly things. I love helping fellow bloggers out.

I also love beautiful blogs. And helping other bloggers make theirs beautiful.
I love to share what I know, what I've learned. Happy to share my knowledge for free so you can DIY your own blog.

But not everybody is a DIYer. Not everybody feels confidant playing with images, fonts and colours. Some people are html-phobic.

I get that.
That's why today I decided it was time to start offering a custom blog design service. With my baby heading off to school soon, I'll have the time. I have the PayPal account.
Other people do it, why not me?
For the bloggers who love a pretty blog, but don't have the time or energy to fiddle and tweak their own.
I am here to help you. Now you can let me re-design your blog.

You can check out what I am offering on my brand new Custom Blog Design webshop.

Greatfun Blog Design

I can create Headers, grab buttons, social media buttons, sidebar buttons, buttons for memes and linkies or do a complete blog-design overhaul...

I don't impose my style or flavour on you, but want to hear who you are and what makes your blog tick.
My design for you will reflect that, not be a carbon copy of somebody else's.

So. Here I go. Launching out into the deep with another entrepreneurial undertaking.

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