25 April 2013

Our ANZAC Day in Auckland

I love my city. I know there are plenty of knockers outside of Auckland who don't see my town the way I do, but until I get my cottage by the beach, there's nowhere else in the world I'd rather live.

Today on this windy-but-warm Anzac Day I got out and enjoyed some of my favourite waterfront spots.
Ice-cream at Mission Bay. The view of Rangitoto.

Wynyard Quarter and the park by the Tank Farm.

 All the cool free activities the council puts on in the school holidays...

Sports and games and go karting...

(I was sitting next to a couple from Wellington. They were impressed.)

We just happened to be in the right place at the right time, after munching down some farewell 
fush-n-chups at the harbourside with Grandma who goes home tomorrow *sniff*

 We had a blast. For free. (Minus the fish n chips)

And I love this photo of my three, captured while lining up for some free go-karting action...

Thankyou Auckland. Thankyou ANZAC Day. 
(A lovely combination.)

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