29 April 2013

Free Movies for the School Holidays? Why NOT!

It's School Holidays... are your kids bored already? Cooped up inside on a rainy day? Complaining that your DVD collection is naff? Yeah, I've been there. That's how I ended up trying out the "One Month Free DVD's" offer from Fatso thanks to my online shopping website. (I'm such an online girl, all round).

I was hooked. It was easy. My kids were happy. (It was free).
So I got hold of Fatso and asked them to offer my readers the same deal. Which they did.
I wrote about how it works here.
And ever since then we've been sharing our movie reviews with you each weekend.
With all the craziness going on around here I have missed the last couple, so I thought I'd share with you ALL our movie reviews... and remind you that FREE Fatso DVDs are a great (FREE) remedy for holiday boredom. They are pretty quick, so if you go sign up for your month's free trial today, you will have DVD's in your mailbox by Wednesday latest. Honest.

If you're feeling extra energetic and want to give your kids not just a DVD to watch but a themed experience, well hey, I've got all kinds of ideas and even free printables to help you whip up a rainy afternoon of fun.

So since it's FREE, click on the nice banner ad I made, use the code "FAMILY45" and then check out our movie picks for some fun kid-friendly movie suggestions. (NZ Readers only, sorry)

***TIP: Use the "GN" (Get Now) option to get movies instantly, or put them in your "Queue" to get sent the next available from your list of options.***

Arthur and the Invisibles
Despicable Me vs. Megamind
Diary of a Wimpy Kid
Gulliver's Travels
How to Train Your Dragon
Mirror Mirror
Movie Duds to Avoid
Movie Marathon: 80's Classics
Mr Popper's Penguins
Peter Pan
Space Jam
The Adventures of Shark Boy and Lava Girl
The Adventures of Tintin
The Amazing Spiderman
The Lorax
The Muppets
The Pacifier
The Princess Bride
The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie
The Zookeeper
Shrek Movie Marathon
Star Wars Movies (Episodes I-VI)
Voyage of the Dawn Treader (Narnia III)

Arthur Christmas
The Polar Express
It's a Wonderful Life
Our Top Ten Christmas List
(Here are some Theme Dinner ideas you can use in the holidays too... if you create your own ideas let me know so I can feature your theme night on our Weekend Movie Posts)

Fancy Shmancy Dinner

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