08 April 2013

"This is Your Life" - a Fab 40th Party

My toy boy turned 40 this week. Saturday was his party.
The theme: "This is Your Life" - everything to do with the husband. Guests were encouraged to come dressed in theme, and bless them, most did.

There was plenty to choose from for inspiration: He's English (with a Scottish dad), a football fan (Newcastle United), a cycling nut; born in the 70's and his favourite colour = red (the meaning of his

Food, decor and even drinks to match: Treats from the English Grocer; 1000 Ferrero Rocher...

Lambrusco (a drink from the early years), Newcastle Brown Ale (tastes like dirt), Sangria (my signature drink) and his all time fave: Pina Coladas. I even created a DIY Pina Colada Bar...


Lots of old photos, of course...

A jukebox hired in... programmed with the birthday boy's favourite olde timey 70's rock tracks 
(much to the horror of certain mullet-wearing guests)

 Of course it was weather reliant. If it rained it would be crap. If it was clear, brilliance was predestined.

It rained. I panicked.

But it cleared. And the Birthday Boy got the deck finished just in time.

Here we are, the happy couple. I had no time to plan an elegant costume amidst all that party planning. So many suprises afoot. So many secrets to keep. Look at him. he has no idea what's coming...

Ahhh yes. that would be the mulleted individual I mentioned earlier. Married to a certain blog friend recently returned from China....

So what was the big secret I had to work so hard to keep?

Well, see that lady here with the blonde hair?

That's his mam. She lives in Newcastle... in ENGLAND. That's where he thought she was. But no. She got on a plane, unbeknown to him, and landed just in time to turn up at the party and knock his socks off....

He had no idea. You should have seen his face. Sadly you can't because part way through the night I mislaid my camera, so I missed capturing his stunned mullet expression, the blank faced stare as his brain tried to take in the fact that his mum was not in England as he thought. She was right here in New Zealand for his 40th birthday party. It made his day week year

Also turning up to surprise their big bro were his sisters, all the way from Wellington. He had no idea about them either. He looks pretty pleased doesn't he? (Yes those are my children, up and awake well past their bedtime. All the excitement of surprise guests... how could we expect them to sleep through that?)

[plenty of creativity with the costumes: the prize goes to mullet-boy, with Stubbies guy a pretty funny 2nd]

All in all it was a flippin awesome night, and a rip-roarin' party if I do say so myself.
Mr G felt so loved and blessed; his family weren't the only ones who came a long way to be with
him on this momentous occasion, other dear friends traveled from far afield too.

Yep, a pretty amazing night. It couldn't have gone better.
Happy 40th Birthday, husband!


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