11 April 2013

Wobbles, Onesies and All...

I have butterflies. Actual jittery fluttery things jumping around my tummy as we count down the hours to our very first Bloggers "conference" in Christchurch this weekend.
So flippin exciting!
A whole weekend hanging out with some of my favourite peeps!
So many of my fave Kiwi bloggers all in one place!
A girls weekend, complete with onesie party (gulp)

There are nine of us staying in a rented apartment. I've met all of them before, individually, but they haven't all met each other. There is going to be so much giggling and guffawing I can tell.
Somebody mentioned "in jest" the idea of having a onesie party in our apartment... suddenly there were phone pics of onesies being tried on in the Warehouse changing rooms all over the place.

Not one to miss out on a bit of fun, I toddled off to TWH myself (with my ma-in-law) to find myself a giant onesie the other day.
The first one was too big. OK! So not an XL after all. Phew.
Then I tried on a Mambo one (with built in "loo access") - oh dear.
Ma-in-law took one look and said, "No... definitely not... it shows off your figure..." Gulp.
OK then. Once upon a time that would have been a good thing. These days, not so much.

Finally I went back to the teletubbie style and emerged looking like TinkyWinky... despite how it made me look I would have got it, honest, if it hadn't been so darn itchy... and hot...

(GET IT OFF ME! my body screamed - so I listened and bought the soft cotton purple palazzo PJ's instead; me and Jacksta are going to match and it's all one colour so in the pics it might resemble a onesie?)

Ah yes, all over Kiwi Blogland we are anticipating a great time... and feeling just a little anxious about revealing the reality that is us without our blogs.

No matter how honest and true-to-me I try to make my blog, on here I can edit selfies, crop in close to eliminate the three-baby middle-age spread.
At Christchurch I will be there in all my spanx-wearing glory.
A carefully planned wardrobe is called for... a quick trip to the hairdressers... alas too late!
Last-minute-Larry that I am , I'll be lucky to make it to the airport on time!
(I haven't even figured out how I'm gonna get there... or printed off my eTicket...)

So those butterflies in my tummy...?
Part excitement, part liquid anxiety.

I'm helping take a workshop, and I'm on "the Panel"... so I can't exactly blend into the background.
I have to be brave and not care that I'm at least 5kg heavier than the last time I met some of my blog friends.
What matters is not how I look or what I wear or that I desperately need a new coiffure... what matters is that I am getting one of those most rare and precious things...

A weekend away with friends.
A weekend away from the kids the housework
A weekend to laugh, play, hang out, enjoy, connect.

It's gonna be an absolute blast.

P.S. Here are some of my other blog friends' thoughts about it all:

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