10 June 2013

Don't worry, I'm still Grateful...

I didn't do any grateful posting on my blog over the weekend. My bad.
But this is not because I've fallen off the grateful-wagon or anything.
Far from it. In fact I'm finding my first thought after waking is becoming, "What am I grateful for today?"

I am finding that looking for things to be grateful for is becoming the norm. Which is, after all, the whole idea of this project.
The awesomeness of deliberately being grateful every day is discovering that there is ALWAYS something to be grateful for, even on the bad days. And that gratitude really is like a ladder which helps you climb out of a hole.

My lovely blog-friend SophieSlim emailed me the other day and said, 
"It seems like you've been finding it easier the last few days to find things to be grateful for? ... Maybe its like breastmilk, the more you use the more you have? HAH!"
Haha, Sophie, you are so right.
The goal for me with this whole thing is that gratitude becomes my default setting, my knee jerk reaction every morning.
Tomorrow Wednesday is the last day of The Grateful Project on my blog, but long may it continue in my life.
In fact, I am thinking that once a week I will do a Grateful post here, and I'll keep the hashtag going on Instagram and Twitter. 
My dear friend Meg told me about a great free Gratitude app, "Grateful Journal", available for Androids (and I assume iPhones?).
I downloaded it and used it over the weekend since I wasn't on here.
It's really simple to use, and if I haven't added anything new to be grateful for, it prompts me in my notifications with a "What are you Grateful for today?" Sweet.
I think I will continue to use this app, as well as my grateful journal. 
Basically I think I will use every possible medium available to me to keep integrating conscious gratitude into my life.

Meanwhile here are my Gratefuls for the last three days (in brief)

Grateful for a stunning day on which to hold our garage sale (to fundraise for my nephew Joel). Grateful we sold some stuff and met some neighbours while we were at it.

Grateful for a cosy day at home with the family, when everyone is feeling under the weather. A day inside by the fire watching movies with the family = lovely.

Grateful for lovely  friends who ring you up and say, Let's do coffee today (Meg), and for my hubby who organised a computer guy to come out and make my computer run faster. Graetful my computer is now running faster and not crashing so much!

If you want to join in with The Grateful Project, grab a notebook and pen and just start writing down something every morning that you are grateful for. To connect with others who are doing it you can use #thegratefulproject on Twitter and Instagram, or leave me a comment here on my blog. I've also started a Grateful Project Board on Pinterest.
See you all tomorrow.

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