03 June 2013


Wow, I've been grateful for almost a whole week now. Tomorrow is my one-grateful-week anniversary.
Today has been pretty busy, so although I managed to write my gratefuls in my journal, they didn't quite make it to the Blog until now.

Here they are, in all their Insta-glory:

Grateful to wake up to Scrag singing and playing in his bedroom: "You are my FAVOURITE mummy!" I have no idea what the game was, but that is pretty sweet to hear first thing in the morning.

Grateful every day for Scrag being so darn loving and affectionate. Last night watching a movie, he snuggles up next to me on the couch, leans his head on my knee and then whispers: "I love you mummy!" I mean, really. How could I NOT be grateful?

Grateful that my hubby pushed us out of the house this morning to go and do "running races". At first I thought maybe this was some kind of cruel and unusual punishment, but it ended up being a really lovely family time that I would have missed out on if I'd stayed in my comfort zone.

Grateful that Scrag still remembers (and loves) the "Train Game" we invented on our old Mummy and Scrag Fridays. On the way back from the "races" him and I stopped off at the park, just us two, so we could play it. He proudly showed off his skills on the monkey bars and swings - how much he has grown in a year. I'm grateful that a year ago I set Friday aside for the two of us, before he went to school.

Grateful that today my sister rang and asked me out for coffee. This never happens (she's a busy deputy school principal) so it was a lovely, totally unexpected surprise. Very Nice.

Grateful for the lovely Sunday lunch we enjoyed yesterday with some of our good friends. It's so lovely to have friends who you can totally relax and be yourself with. We were able to eat outside in the winter sunshine, as Winter took a break for the day to give us a taste of spring (which is a mere ninety days away). Good food, a good laugh... grateful much.

Just grateful every time Scrag slips his warm little hand in mine. It warms my heart. So grateful that he still likes to hold my hand even though he is such a "big boy" now.

I'm really grateful that all my kids seem to love my company and seek it out. They fight to sit by me on the couch. They ask for book snuggles. They request "Mum and me" outings. And actually the big kids hold my hand in public too. Yep, even the 10 year old. We were walking today through the mall and I felt his hand twine into mine. "Thanks mum, for bringing us here and spending your money and time on us," he said. Some days my kids can be just flippin awesome.

That's it from me this Monday evening. The lovely Long Weekend is over and it's back to the schoolday/workday routine tomorrow.

Now I have to go and wrestle the tablet off the kids (they are taking turns playing Subway Surf - ALL of them, even Scrag). I love hearing them playing together - which is another thing I'm grateful for. Lately they have been playing together A LOT - garden soccer, basketball, S.A.S. backyard commandoes... etc. Which always makes me so very grateful.


If you want to join in with The Grateful Project, grab a notebook and pen and just start writing down something every morning that you are grateful for. To connect with others who are doing it you can use #thegratefulproject on Twitter and Instagram, or leave me a comment here on my blog.
See you all tomorrow.

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