04 June 2013

I am Grateful for Gratitude Itself

One week in, I have never been more grateful in my life.
I have discovered that as I focus on the good (despite the *bad* moments) gratitude is the ladder that helps me climb out of a hole.

Not a cure-all, sure;  there's no magic bullet - I am, after all still ME. Wherever I go, there I am.
But in the moments that would usually trigger a spiral downwards, gratitude has been the life preserver, flung out to stop me being sucked into the negative vortex.
This is a Very Good Thing.
In brief:

Grateful for online shopping, complete with App, which lets me sit by the fire and click stuff, instead of facing a teeming supermarket.

Grateful for TIMING. Today my shopping arrived mere moments after I returned home. I was expecting to arrive and find it piled on my porch (I was late) but no. I had just walked in the door and stuffed my feet into my slippers when there was a knock at the door. Ahhhh the shopping. perfect timing. Love it.

Grateful for a leakproof house on this rainiest of days. I mean, what is nicer than to be inside warm and cosy with the rain drumming on the roof? Grateful for being warm and dry on a cold wet day.
Grateful that at dinner time I have something to cook for my family. I don't have to worry where my next meal is coming from. I am blessed with full cupboards. That is something not to be taken for granted.

Grateful I started this journey. Grateful that a week on I haven't missed a day. I am sticking at something. Go me.


If you want to join in with The Grateful Project, grab a notebook and pen and just start writing down something every morning that you are grateful for. To connect with others who are doing it you can use #thegratefulproject on Twitter and Instagram, or leave me a comment here on my blog. I've also started a Grateful Project Board on Pinterest.
See you all tomorrow.

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