19 June 2013

Here Comes the Rain Again...

Right on school pickup time, the heavens open.
Wednesday, Netball day.
Our poor wee girlies have to go out and play in the pouring rain.
It's like a Watties ad (you know the one where the kids play rugby in the rain and come home wet and miserable to Watties beans on toast, milo and sausies...?)

Today the slow cooker has been hard at work, cooking up some "bear stew" for us.
So when we come home, wet and cold, a nice warm hearty meal will be waiting for us.

Netball, unlike soccer, hardly ever gets cancelled. Only if it's threatening lightening thunder and hail do they call off the games.
(Oh gosh it's thundering down now. Eeek, our girls are gonna be soaked before they've even started playing!)
SO glad I put the slow cooker on this morning.
We'll be wet and cold when we get in, but we can get cosy and warm by the fire, and eat our stew.

[Amazing coach - my friend Justine]

We have an amazing coach and a cool-as fitness guru manager.
Thanks to them and a lot of hard work our girls are going great guns. Undefeated!
I love watching netball.
Last year we hardly ever won. It was miserable, demoralising. Especially on wet days.
But now the girls know what they are doing.
They play with passion and skill; it's so fun to watch. Even in the rain.

[It's all about the teamwork - I LOVE team sport it teaches the kids so much about life]
Right. Gotta run and pick up the kids from school. In the rain.
Then we'll go and watch Netball. In the rain.
And come home to slow cooker stew and a cosy fire.

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