06 July 2009

Preparing for a Royal Ball (Princess Party)

It's only three weeks until my Princess's fifth birthday. What else but a Princess Party?? Ahhh, but there's a twist! We are calling it "A Royal Ball" and have invited the families of her closest friends to attend as well.

Guests are requested to come dressed up as Kings, Queens, Princesses, Knights etc (including the grown ups). It will be held from 4pm-7pm on a Saturday, so it will be getting dark and be over dinnertime; perfect for a banquet (where each Royal Family will bring something scrummy to the Feast).

Here's the invitation I designed (available on my Party Invitation Website)... you can click it so see it enlarged.

We have secured a local church hall where they just want a donation to cover costs (Wow!) and will be borrowing lots of fairy lights, making banners and bunting and of course a Mix CD or two.

I am envisioning lots of disco-ing and waltzing (father-daughter, mother-son etc); silly dancing games and a great family evening.

I've managed to find 100 Glow Sticks online nice and cheap; they can be turned into necklaces or bangles; fun for a disco!
For the loot bags I'm cutting out circles of maroon suede-like fabric and some gold cord threaded through to create a pouch filled with gold (chocolate) coins and gold (crunchie) bars. Total cost to make all the bags will be about $6!

Young Princes will also get a bendy sword (found for $2 each, and bought months ago; just as well since they are all sold out now!) I am putting my new glue gun to good use sticking jewels on headbands for the Princesses.

On Saturday I got working on our Royal Costumes. I'd found the most gorgeous Princess dress online, but it lacked a petticoat to make it swish and bouff out. Some cheap pale pink tulle, a needle and cotton and some elastic threaded through... now we have a perfect Princess gown.

I made over some old sparkly capes into Vests for the King and Prince; sewed a maroon shield on the chest and stuck on a gold initial. Once belted and worn with a cape over top, they look very royal. Just add a $2 crown and there's a complete outfit for next-to nothing.

As for my Queen's gown... I regret to say that the closest thing I can find in my wardrobe (an old bridesmaid dress) still won't zip up (oops).
So I am going to remodel an old mosquito net, add a velvet cape, a corset with a muslin top and hopefully I will look like something queenly.

I do so love it when we all get to dress up and have fun together, don't you??

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Amy said...

What an amazingly rich imagination and legacy of memories you are laying down Simone. I am particularly taken with the idea of the re-invented mosquito net. A photo of the finished garment is a must! Definately deserves a mummy award.

Trees said...

This sounds like such fun!

Widge said...

WOW you are amazing!

Sophie said...

Simoney, you are amazingly imaginative! I know the kids are going to remember their parties and treasure them!!!

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