26 August 2009

Out of Me

This afternoon I watched my talented son play football. I watched him dodge and weave, effortlessly his strong agile limbs moved the ball and carried him without hesitation towards the goal. As I stood admiring him, I thought to myself, "Wow he came out of me!"

Later as bedtime preparations were underway I watched my husband towel-dry and powder my littlest one. I marvelled at his sturdy little limbs and perfectly formed frame. Again I found myself thinking: "He came out of me!"

Earlier I watched my daughter laugh and twirl and swing and skip. She throws back her head and laughs with her whole being. Her joy and energy are contagious. Her confidence astounds me. I find myself in awe once again: "She came out of me."

Other things come out of me too, though. Fears. Insecurities. Negative thoughts. I have to fight hard to withstand the magnetic pull of the negative tide. I reach out to grasp onto a life-line before I am swept away in the downpour.

Here's a familar tried and tested Lifeline:

"You created my innermost being. You knit me together in my mother's womb. Your eyes saw my unformed body. Your works are wonderful - I know that full well..."


Just as my children are precious to me, just as they take my breath away, bring a warm glow to my heart and make the pain worthwhile with their sweet kisses... so I am precious to my Creator.

I must remember that my Father dotes over me just as I dote over my kids.

Sure I get mad/frustrated/disappointed with them at times - as I'm sure He does with me. But do I for even a second stop loving them?? Would I trade them? Would I wish them away for all the hard work and pain and tears they bring me? Never.

If you offered me A Million - A Billion - in exchange for one of my children, would I take it?? Never!

They are beyond price.
And so am I. And so are you.

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PaisleyJade said...

Beautiful - beautiful photos, thoughts and inspiration. Thanx!

Clueless_Mama said...

That was a wonderful post. Very true as well.

Morgan said...

It is incredible when you stop and think about how your children were once inside you and now- now they're growing up and so wonderful!

Collette@Jesuslovesmums said...

I really enjoyed reading your post and think that it is amazing also to be a mum and give birth to children. Love the scripture.
Love Collette xxx

Anonymous said...

"God has placed your child with you for a reason...there is a BIGGER picture than what you see....and can only be seen when looking with the eyes of your heart...Mark Gregston
Your heart is always in the right place Simoney...Blessings to you!

Widge said...

I tried to leave a comment yesterday but it wouldn't work.

just saying I loved your post too and often find myself looking at the kids and thinking the same thing. it is amazing. xo

Sophie said...

Beautiful Simoney!

Sophie said...

ooh and forgot to say, loving the look of the blog! Particularly the new header!!

Unknown said...

Thanks for that. I've had a couple of crappy days with the girls mis-behaving and having colds so I needed that little reminder of what precious miracles they really are. And Wow! they did come out of us - didn't they! xx

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