12 March 2010

Fitness Log #2: Just Do It

Days since beginning Gym Workouts: 31 days, 2 hours, 31 mins
Number of Gym Workouts planned: 12
Number of Gym Workouts accomplished: 9
Goal weight loss: 15kg
Weight lost to date: 1kg
Still to lose: 14kg

Journal Entry: Progress has been made in spite of some setbacks - not a huge amount, but still. Progress.
The thing I am most pleased about is that in spite of a back injury (which in the past would have derailed me) I have been sticking to my fitness plan.

Even during the week when I was most severely injured, I still exercised twice. Not at gym, I grant you, but I limped up the hill to school and back for my walking bus duties (even when Ces said I didn't have to)... and I went water jogging with Mr G as well. I was more active injured than I used to be uninjured, so I am really patting myself on the back.

The good thing is I'm not riding on some surge of inspiration or fulfilling any brave new years resolutions about getting fit/losing weight... I woke up one morning and just did it... joined the gym without overthinking it, or hyping myself up (knowing that once I was paying those gym fees my hubby would be on at me to make sure I got my money's worth?!)

Each day I exercise makes it easier the next time. The weights seem lighter, the time flies by faster. In my mind I have my week mapped out:
  • Monday=Gym (after school drop-offs, finish by 10am)
  • Tuesday=Walking bus & housework
  • Wednesday=day off
  • Thursday=Gym
  •  Friday=Gym
  • Weekend=Days off
On Tuesdays my house gets a really good going over and I work up a sweat. It keeps my husband from getting anxious when he sees dust balls; he knows Tuesday is housework day. I work best in a burst of energy, rather than a drudge of repetition, so one hard-out day works best for me.

Since my injury I've had to change my gym programme to accommodate my dodgy disk and have been averaging twice a week at the gym rather than three times. But I'll build it back up, I promise.

I may have only lost 1kg in a month (which seems miniscule when you see it written down) but I feel so much better. I have way more energy. My clothes fit me better. Even Dash says my tummy has shrunk (high praise indeed).

In fact, last Saturday at the church Family Fun Day I even entered the mums sack race (at Dash's urging) and came second. OK OK, so I didn't jump all the way (it was more of a shuffle/run)... my pelvic floor sucks and I didn't want black eyes... but whatever the official results of the Race, in my son's eyes I did great and that's what counts. Remember when he hurt my feelings calling me fat? Well, now he thinks I rock. Because I'm making an effort, I go to the gym, I walk more places, I try new stuff. He's proud of me (I'm proud of myself)!

On the food front I'm not on any major diet or anything, but I have made a few changes to my eating habits, which over time will (I hope) pay off...

I'm not an over-eater, as such. My weakness is treats. A bowl of icecream at the end of a stressful day. Munching chocolate while watching a movie. That kind of thing.

A friend suggested substituting my unhealthy treats with better choices. So now on shopping day I stash away some treats just for me: a block of dark chocolate (72% cocoa - I'm trying to retrain my tastebuds!) and a box of FruJu mini-fruit whips (only 33 calories - woohoo).

When I feel the urge for a treat I get a few bits of my dark choc, or a Fruju. No more mocha lattes either... it's a trim flat white (no sugar) from now on. I'm getting used to it. And my pants are looser. Just keep those darn chip and dips away from me because I haven't found a way to stop my hand reaching in the bowl yet!

PS: Our 16km Walk for Haiti is next Saturday 20th March. Click here to sponsor me :)

Salads for Dinner

Mr G is on a bit of a health kick too, so about once a week I dish up one of these yummy salads for dinner(for him and I; the kids get a modified version involving way less green stuff). Very easy, very yummy.

Base Ingreds (makes two)
4-6 handfuls of Salad greens (Mesclun leaves or rocket)
Handful of Cherry tomatoes, sliced in half
1/4 Spanish red onion, sliced thinly
1/2 ripe avocado, chopped
A splash of balsamic vinaigrette

Arrange the salad greens on two dinner plates then drizzle a little of the balsamic dressing over. Add the tomatoes, onion and avocado on top.

Basil Chicken Topping:
400g chicken breast, cubed
1 Tablespoon Basil pesto
1/2 teaspoon crushed garlic
Cracked black pepper

Brown the chicken cubes in a little olive oil, add the garlic, pesto & pepper. Top the salad with the chicken when cooked. Drizzle a little yoghurt dressing over to finish and serve.
(Try browning the chicken with some tomato relish or fruit chutney as an alternative flavour)

Yoghurt Dressing:
1/4 cup low fat unsweetened plain yoghurt
1 teaspoon basil pesto
Fresh mint leaves, chopped

Seafood Salad:
As an alternative to a chicken salad try this seafood one (personally I hate seafood but hubby thinks this is fab)...

200g can of tuna (any flavour); some or all of the following... marinated mussels (shelled), surimi (crabmeat), shrimp etc

Drain the tuna and sprinkle over salad leaves. Arrange other seafood on top and then add a splash of lemon juice (or some mayo) and cracked black pepper. Your hubby will love you for it!

Family fun day photos by Amy

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PaisleyJade said...

YUM dinner - and you are so fab!! Totally awesome in the sack race... you will start to reap the benefits soon.

That chocolate is the best thing ever as it's so nice (once you retrain your taste buds) but you only ever want a little at a time!

Lyns said...

Awe-some!! You are doing great!!!! Yum to the chicken salad, ewwwwwww to the seafood (sorry it is one of those love or hate things!). And wow 2nd place in a sack race...very cool x

myletterstoemily said...

it's soooooo hard!

and here you are doing it
with a bad disc, etc.

well done!

thanks for the inspiration
and the yummy recipes.
not sure my husband will
go for the yogurt dressing
. . . we'll see.


Widge said...

arent those 60 calorie frujus AMAZING!!! my new fad.
your salads look great1 I'm drooling over the seafood one.
sounds like you are doing AWESOME simoney. keep it up we are cheering for you

count it all joy said...

You rock. You totally, absolutely rock. You have my undying admiration for going in the sack race and finishing unscathed....no black eyes or bladder incidents. My hero!

Can I borrow a teaspoonful of your great attitude and determination? The chicken salad looks amazing, I'm going to try that this week. Hope you're having a terrific weekend and your back is getting better. Meredy xo.

Unknown said...

Somehow I have been missing your posts lately, shame on me!

Sounds like you have a plan and are sticking to it! Don't worry about the weight. Like you said, you have more energy and your clothes fit better. Your body fat percentage is probably going down! I trained for a 1/2 marathon several (ahem) years ago, and although I didn't lose a pound I went down 2 sizes and my body fat went down by 6%. Maybe I need to train for another one :-) Keep up the good work!!!

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