18 March 2010

Mistaken Identity

This is my dad.

He has twinkly crinkly eyes behind glasses, a bushy mustache and a warm smile. He's getting thin on top, but we don't notice.
We love him loads and think he's the handsomest nicest daddy/grandad in the whole wide world.

This is my Uncle Max. He is dad's brother. Uncle Max lives in Canada, but came to visit us last month.

It's been years since I've seen him and he's changed a lot. They aren't twins, but I think he looks the double of my Dad. Don't you?

He has twinkly crinkly eyes behind glasses, a bushy mustache and a warm smile. (He's also thin on top, but we don't notice).

All afternoon I kept having to look twice: Is that Dad sitting there? Nope, it's Uncle Max.

Scrag was sure he knew who it was. He toddled confidently up to Uncle Max and climbed up on his knee. Uncle Max was surprised, but pleased that Scrag was warming to him so quickly.

"Danda!" Scrag said, as he grabbed Uncle Max by the hand and began to pull him towards the train set.
"He thinks you're Grandad!" I said, laughing. "You'd better go with him!"
Scrag had a lovely afternoon entertaining "Grandad". He has absolutely no idea that it was actually his Great-Uncle Max. Awwwww.

In the Picture L to R: Cousin Cheryl (Oz), Aunty Glenda (Dad's sister), Uncle Max (Canada) and me. We had a lovely afternoon with family we hadn't seen for years, including my lovely cousin Cheryl. Big hugs Cuz! See you in Melbourne!

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Lyns said...

I'll say they look the same!! Cute wee Scrag - love it! x

Sophie said...

They DO look the same! How amazing. My Dad looks very much like his brother too except that his brother is a shaggier, smoker, Scottish version! Its strange!! :)

PaisleyJade said...

Wow - I did think they were all of your Dad!!! Super cute and nice that Scrag had such a special time with his great uncle.. even if he thought it was his pop!!

banban said...

2 lovely looking men, love their smiley eyes!!!

count it all joy said...

Could have fooled me....they look exactly the same! Such warm, lovely faces. Looks like you all had a wonderful day together. Hope you have a great weekend ahead. Meredy xo.

Trees said...

Hope the walk has gone well, thinking of you! xx

myletterstoemily said...

a remarkable resemblance!

you have the cutest dad, who
is remarkably close to my age!

alas, i already have a wonderful
husband. :)

have a fun weekend!

TracyP said...

That is amazing the similarity! My hubby and his brother are identical twins, my hubby is here in NZ and Uncle Josh is in America, the kids always get them mixed up in photos!
Great blog by the way :) Can't wait to see the finished book project!

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