17 March 2010

One Small Step...

This is a very short post. A kind of a filler-in type of post just to remind you I am still here. Why have I been too busy to fulfill my blog addiction these last couple of days, you may well ask...?
Weeeeell... I have made a start on The Book.

And I am buzzing. Buzzing! I've put together a plan, an outline of sorts. A lot of the material is already written, in one form or another, between myself and Rebecca. The design is all in my head. Today I mocked up the first two pages... which is the reason I am buzzing. Bec loves it - it's exactly what she envisaged as well. So we are really and truly on the same page (pardon the pun).
I'll let you have a sneak peak just because I love you.

What do ya reckon??? It's going to be a visual book, not just words; full of ideas for having fun with your kids and family e.g. birthday parties... but not done by designers, it's ideas and photos from real life mothers, with real life kids (i.e. me and Becs, but a few others may well feature too!) And we share our journey along the way, the ups and downs behind the scenes of life. Plus a bunch of other stuff which will make it pretty unique, we think.

We're still trying to come up with a title... my working title is: "A Busy Mother's Guide to Fun", but I'm not convinced.
What do you think? Suggestions?
I'm going to go and collapse on the couch now, because I am all thunk out. And my shoulders ache. And I need some chocolate. But Yay! I've made a start.

P.S. Anyone want to pre-order a copy??? hehehe :)

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Gail said...

Wonderful Simoney! So proud of you and Becs!

PaisleyJade said...

Wow - that looks amazing!! Symon leaned over my shoulder and also agreed that it looks fab and that you have awesome design skills.

What a cool idea for a book - I will definitely pre-order a copy!

Very exciting.

Anonymous said...

awesome awesome awesome!!!!
Nice work lady!!!

Brigitte said...

Wow I love the design - it's a visual feast! I'll put my order in now for a copy! It's a great idea.

Sophie said...

wowee - it looks fabulous!!! I love it!!!

Rae Ann said...

How about just 'Great Fun'? You could put the part about kids and moms in the subtitle. I lurve the way it looks so far. I know I'll want a copy, too!

Sammy said...

It looks amazing and yes I will pre-order a copy! You are soooo clever my lovely friend! Not mad about the title so far- it needs to be as amazing as the sneak preview you have shown us.....
Such a clever girl you are!

Widge said...

ooooh put me in for a pre order!!! that looks totally amazing simoney. great stuff!! so inspiring watching you take on your dream

Unknown said...

This is awesome!! It looks beautiful! I will buy one when it comes out! You are awesome.

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