27 April 2010

Loving... NOT Loving: Kids

Of course you know that I am ALWAYS loving my kids. Just thought I'd clear that up before I got started. But you know there are some things that come with having kids that I am not loving so much.

For instance...

NITS. I am Definitely NOT Loving Nits.
Do you call them that where you come from? Cooties? Lice? Ugh. Whatever you call them the mere mention of them starts me itching. I've managed pretty well to avoid too many infestations. I bought a RobiComb (a battery powered nit zapper) as insurance. Totally useless. Then I spotted some little white cling-ons in Miss Fab's hair. Instantly I felt itchy. My scalp crawled. Off to the chemist I went and bought some Nit Shampoo. We were de-nitted quick smart. The boys are all clear. But I never found one single creepy crawly even after much combing of mine and Miss Fab's hair. Still,  you can't deny the itching. And better safe than sorry. Sigh. I hate those darn things.

CRUMBS. Wherever I go, crumbs! I vacuum, I sweep, I wipe. Two seconds later the crumbs are back. Ugh. NOT Loving crumbs. The birds can have them.

ENDLESS BITS OF PAPER. Everywhere. My kids are both scribblers. Miss Fab likes to draw pictures of herself and her friends. And me and her. And flowers and butterflies. Which I DO actually love.

Dash draws endless diagrams of football pitches, marking out player positions and listing down endless Premier League teams. That's fine. But then... they just leave their darn bits of paper discarded all over the house.

Under beds, behind chairs, all over the floor, in my bedroom... next to my bed!! I am not loving that at all. And I feel slightly guilty when I quietly scoop up the abandoned bits of paper and stash them in the recycle bin. What???!! Am I s'posed to hold onto every darn scribble for ever??? Not loving the residual guilt of being an art recycler.

MY SHORT FUSE. Not loving that at all. I don't want to be Grouchy Mummy. But lately I've had such a very short fuse. I've been tired and nauseous and sweaty and headachey... (don't worry I'm not, you know. I did a test. Or two.) Anyway to put it simply I have been feeling like total crap.

I've just been wanting to hide away in my own private (bloggy) world so I don't have to deal with... the noise. The squabbling. The complaining. The endless demands. Oh the guilt! That just makes me feel so much worse!

I'm getting some blood tests done (have to wait a few weeks for optimum conditions) but until then I will just have to soldier on and try not to transform into the Incredible Hulk Mum at the slightest provocation. I think the ear plugs will be making a re-appearance. Sigh.

All that being said.... on the brighter side of life, I can't deny...

...how utterly much I love my children.

I'm sure I would totally leap in front of a bus for any one of them. But most days don't require any bus-leaping. Just after-school snacks, homework & readers, changing pooey bums, playing choo choos, picking up stray hot wheels and hair clips, dinner-cooking, teeth-cleaning and bedtime prayers. Some days that all feels like a lot.

But the snuggles? LOVING those. They are like air in my lungs.

The slobbery kisses? LOVE them. Won't even wipe off the toddler drool.

My daughter holding my hand all the way walking to school because my hip ached and she wanted to help me?? Priceless. My heart was bursting, even as I limped.

My big seven-year-old boy wanting to lie in bed after dark and listen to stories about my life? The stuff of dreams.

So yes. I am LOVING my kids. Even on the sucky days. Even on the Hulk days. And I'm learning to switch off the computer before they get home so I can give them my full attention.

Because they are the best kids. And they deserve my best too.

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Anonymous said...

hello... hapi blogging... have a nice day! just visiting here....

Anonymous said...

Just love this blog. I can relate to the bits of paper everywhere. Boys don't seem to get nits they are probably too sweaty and smelly and nits love clean hair . Girls are always hugging or huddled around touching heads which makes it easy for nits to migrate to another head.
You'll probably find you are low on iron and that is why you are so tired.
Keep up the good word Simone and thanks for keeping it real.

PaisleyJade said...

Awesome post - I hear ya!!! Just grizzling about the crumbs today (and parrot crumbs too) and was caught the other day throwing "precious" scribbles into the bin - oooh the guilt!

Gail said...

yeah, nits suck - we haven't had them yet, but I put that down to my complete prevention programme which includes doing the nit treatment every month REGARDLESS. Expensive as, but I freak at the thought of nits. Shudder.

meg said...

I'm with you on the hulk mummy thing this week. Especially today after being up too much in the night nursing (not in the American sense) a wheezy coughing boy. I'm off to take a nap now while he is too! Hope it'll help with my snappiness. Thank goodness Mum and Dad are in town for a couple more days. We love ya even if you are in a grump too... check out "sunny mummy" for some sunshine, just discovered her yesterday. x

Unknown said...

I'm loving you "loving, not loving" posts. You wrote exactly what I have been feeling today in the "short fuse" paragraph. I have had the same kind of day and I feel totally crummy about it. I'll life you up to our Heavenly Father who is the source of our joy ( or should be at least).

alicia said...

The picture of the bugs made me laugh. I think all moms can relate to most all of it. For me it would be PAPER. I, too, would like to hibernate- unfortunately I can't. Hang in there. Hopefully you will feel better soon.

sewfunky said...

yep - hate the nits, my middle daughter had to have last week off school because of the darn things! :(
Hoping they're all gone now after a week full of nit combing nights!

Kristine said...

very well said- honest and funny.
following you from mbc. My blog:

banban said...

I fully get this post!!!! :)

Johnny said...

Oh my goodness yes the nits! Driving me insane too, every time I clear them up, they're back again. And your post seems to completely parallel my life, except for the last few weeks anyway.

Jen said...

neat photos :)

I guess Im going to have to get use to nits again next year my youngest goes to school in November

Trees said...

Oh no, you've got me itching... :)

Anonymous said...

Utterly gorgeous.
you capture those moments of sheer wonder perfectly.
But i'm itching, damn you!

myletterstoemily said...

oh, my heart goes out to you, because i
remember how difficult it was to be a
good mom when feeling terrible.

His grace is sufficient, and you sound
like a wonderful mommy.

S and family said...

Take comfort that the little things are just that, *little* things. If crumbs and the like are your worst problems, you're doing pretty well. : ) You have a lot of moms out here who know exactly what you're going through.

Simoney said...

Ahhh sorry about making all you guys feel itchy - but you know you really can't catch cooties off the computer!

And of course "Crumbs" aren't my biggest problem. They were just annoying me today inparticular because some day the little things feel like too much when they all add up and you feel like total crap, as well as guilty at being a slightly pathetic mother. But thanks for your encouragement everyone... much love from Simoney xx

Lisa said...

I'm with you on the bits of art. I'm a confessed art-thrower-awayer too! I do keep some, but not the billion scraps that accumulate everywhere.

Kristine said...

Hi again Simoney. thanks for coming by. I must have commented first before I clicked on the 'follow'. Anyways, I'm now following you and worth it too. I like your blog and will come back again. By the way I'll try to scour for a reddish photo.

Rae Ann said...

Loving this background!

As a teacher, there mere mention of lice was enough to send me to the nurse to get checked. So itchy!

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