29 April 2010

On Days Like These...

...I am thankful for Artists. Artists who make pictures for their mummies that read: "I Love My Mum". A picture like that really helps.

...I am thankful for Neighbours. Neighbours who say, "Sure I'll take the kids with me to school." Neighbours like that really help.

...I am thankful for Friends. Friends who squeeze coffee into a really busy day. Friends like that really help.

...I am thankful for Txts. Txts that say, "Lets go walkin 2moro mrning afta skul dropoffs". Having stuff to look forward to really helps.

...I am thankful for a Husband. A husband who gets up and changes the toddler's nappy so I can have an extra 20 minutes sleep. A husband who goes to work so I can be at home. So on days like these I can find a way to get through. With friends. And coffee. And Neighbours. And txts. And husbands.

...And I am thankful to God. Thankful that even though I have days like these (where my brain ceases to work, where every small noise is like torture, where I am a ticking bomb, where it is all too much) he has filled my life with so many blessings that I can get through.

And still be thankful.

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PaisleyJade said...

Beautiful - I'm thankful for people like you that remind me to be thankful!!!

Widge said...

Good on you Simone for being thankful even on "days like these" soooooo hard put on that mindset I know. I'm thankful for you too :)I do wish I had a neighbour like yours to take my kids to school AWESOME!! go neighbour friend! :)

Jen said...

bless your artist
love her use of colours

bless your friends and hubby

and of course GOD

Gail said...

awesome babe - I needed that coffee too!x
(zooming off again!)

meg said...

I'm feeling really sad right now (just said goodbye to my parents)... but am thankful that I've been lucky enough to have my Mum and Dad living in Auckland part time for the past three years while my boys were so young. I'm thankful for the lovely day I had yesterday with my 4yr old. I'm thankful that you want to go walking tomorrow and today I'm thankful for waterproof mascara and sunnies! Trying to stay positive :o)

Angela said...

Love posts like these. x

banban said...

Yeah on days like those you need all these things to get through.

Glad you have that support :) xx

Anonymous said...

love to you Simoney
you are everything you were created to be
thinking of you....yesterday in Canada!!!
love and light

ps taht Gail is pretty cute!

Anonymous said...

this is so true^^...Sometimes it seems as though I forget about the people around me, who love me...and stop appreciating that they're there for me. You just gave me an awesome reminder =)

Thank you. And have a nice day!

KNB said...

Thanks for reminding me to be grateful, to count (really count) my blessings because they are deep and wide. I love all the pictures of your family and friends!


Brigitte said...

Lovely post. Love your honesty X
As others have commented, it's good to be reminded to just stop and give thanks to God for precious family and friends. Good to hear you have supportive people around you Simone. May tomorrow be a better day for you.

Rebekah said...

Amen- be still and be thankful! I love getting pictures from my girls, sweet as.

EcoMum said...

Thanks for reminding me that others have "days like these" too. I've had a few of them lately. But I too am very blessed and grateful for it :)

Simoney said...

Thanks so much everyone for all your kind words and encouragement. I really appreciate it! xx

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