21 September 2010

RAW(e) Smiles & Laughter

When I spotted this theme on RAW(e) this week I knew just the picture...

This one of my girl, who laughs with complete abandon.
She throws herself into laughter the way a diver launches off a platform.
It is a whole-body, whole-soul thing for her.
When she finds something funny, the whole world hears her glee.
I love the way Miss Fab laughs with all of herself.
May she never lose her joy, which is in fact her True Name's meaning: Father's Joy.

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carlotta cisternas said...

Simply adorable. Great capture! :)

Diane said...

You can feel her laugh! :O)

Ewa said...

it's great to laugh, lovely photo!

Anonymous said...

Very cute. Great capture. I can almost hear her laughter.

Emily said...

She makes me smile. What a great laugh!

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