05 July 2011

Bloggy Tea Party? Coming Right Up!

At an earlier Tea Party... Photo by Leonie

This time next week I will be in a baking, cleaning frenzy as I prepare for the arrival of some lovely bloggy friends.

We decided it was high time the Auckland bloggers got together for another Tea Party. I mean come on! Those Northland bloggers are putting us to shame with all their "crochet meets" and "coffee catchups"
And the Christchurch girls - I heard there are rumours of Girls Nights Out! Whatthe??

Meanwhile in the big smoke we chat online and go our separate ways. But not this time.
Its time to meet! And eat!

That Teapot: Photo by Meg

I'll be pulling out That Teapot, dusting off my cobwebby apron...

Sadly we will be minus Gail *sniff* ... but with a few new additions coming along *grin*
{I'm thinking we may get the chance to Skype Gail in China so she doesn't feel too left out??}

Tea Partying with Gail (left) before she went to China

If you are an Auckland Blogger who has yet to meet up with any girls who share your strange addiction (i.e. blogging) please come out of the woodwork and come along.

Next Wednesday 10am-12.30pm at my house. 
Bring something yummy to share. Kids welcome.
{First one here gets the window seat}

The full details are all available on the FaceBook event I've set up here... (the link is on my Fan Page) or leave a comment/email me. Who's in???

Mmmmm... Scones with cream'n'jam... Photo by Meg

What to bake?
Shall I go with the scones... or the berry & white chocolate muffins... or the choc chip cookies...?
Can't wait to meet you all!

{PS if you are feeling sad and left out cos you can't attend as you live too far away, why not put the word out to bloggers in your area and hold your own Bloggy Meet Up? If you don't know any local bloggers, advertise your get-together on Blog Communities like BlogFrog and the SITS FB Page. Then link up and tell us all about it...}

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PaisleyJade said...

Oooo - just got home from our Whangarei bloggers catch up with Anya! Sounds like fun. xoxo

Leonie said...

hehe!!Yay for bloggy catch ups. SO gutted I missed the whangarei one this morning.
But watch your inbox Simone... I have a BIG bloggy get together coming our way and someone all set and excited to meet everyone....

Sophie said...

oooh :( wish I could come!

meg said...

I'll be there Simoney... assuming I'm over my disgusting cold :o)

Anonymous said...

"sniff sniff"

love and light

Neetz said...

yeah... we had a nice meet up today, several of our girlies were absent but it was still fun and nice to catch up with the ones who did make it ... (aye Kristy??)

Go you girlies!! If I didn't have anything on next wednesday I'd pick up Leonie and zoom down there!!! :)

Cat said...

You know I am SO there xxx

Lisa said...

Well... Im a friend of Catherine's .. she told me about your blog the other day. I may be able to get to your bloggy get together.. :-) Lisa

Dee said...

Ooh... "We. want. scones! We. want. scones! I'll bring some if I can make it. :) xx

Elizabeth said...

Thinking about it... will get back to you a little closer to the time (and if I do make it - I'll be bring shop-bought goodies as I just don't bake, nor am I crafty/arty, in case the crochet hooks come out *grin*)!

Meghan Maloney Photography said...

Can't make this one .....booo! But I'll enjoy it vicariously through your blog. But who knows one day soon?!!!!!!!!!!!

Gail said...

I hope you all have a miserable time.

I obviously wasn't clear enough in my instructions that you were all to be bored stiff until I return home. Then the party can start. and CHCH, seriously girls nights out, and LEONIE, there better not be any bloody good surprises.

Love you all.xx

Tara said...

looks like so much fun!!!

Sammy said...

Will be coming if I can possibly make it. Will be nice (well, the great attraction is your baking to be honest- SCONES PLEASE!) hehe xxx

Jen said...

have fun
Id love to be there but alas you live too far away

Renee said...

I've got a great big BLOGGY TEA PARTY written across my calendar!!! See you there!!!

Michelle Walker said...

What a great idea!! Hope you ladies had fun...and i think you should do the girls night out..what the hell..you only live once.

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