07 July 2011

Bring 'Em Back!

Writing Prompt #1.) A list of 10 old TV shows you'd like to make a comeback; for Mama Kat's Pretty Much World Famous Writers Workshop

The reality of nostalgically-remembered favourite TV shows can be rather disappointing when viewed in the cold light of modern technology, through grown-up eyes.  Shows you remember from your childhood as super-cool look lame and cheap with tacky effects a few years on. Like The Six Million Dollar Man. So cool at the time. So funny now.

Or The Brady Bunch. Couldn't get enough of it as a kid. Madly in love with Bobby Brady and named several kittens after him. Loved Cindy's improbable curls and Alice's kind good sense. But in the cold light of a new millenium The Brady Bunch are just plain silly. Who ever heard of a blended family so perfectly... blended? And as Mama Kat asked her Twitter followers, What did Mrs Brady do all day?

The Dukes of Hazzard is another favourite that doesn't hold up well. Bo Duke (who tween-me used to drool over) is a bit of a dumb-ass. And the story-lines? All that racing around on dirt tracks in noisy cars...? Totally unappealing and boooor-ing. I hope Dukes of Hazzard never make a comeback.

What about The Waltons? I used to love this show, but I doubt that any modern equivalent would ever be made so thoroughly wholesome. A modern remake of the Waltons would make John-Boy secretly gay and have him trying to hide it from Ma and Pa. Mary-Ellen wouldn't be content to stay home and help out. There would probably be a whole lot more squabbling and controversy, and a whole lot less "Moral of the Story-ing"... People seem to like a bit more grit in TV shows these days. The Waltons would never take off, we just couldn't relate to all that niceness.
I mean, if my kids spent all night calling out "Goodnight Scrag-boy, goodnight Fabby-Ellen..." I'd be shouting: "Oi you lot! Quit your yelling and go to sleep or there'll be trouble!"

So what shows would I actually want to see make a comeback?
I have to look closer to my century... to shows I still love to watch endless re-runs of...

Shows I would love to see back on TV with new episodes...

  1. Gilmore Girls. I loved those fast-talking chicks from small-town USA, with their pop-tart breakfasts and witty remarks. I would love to follow Rory around the world on her journalistic career, see if Lorelei and Luke made any blue-eyed babies... if not a new season, couldn't you at least give us a Movie? Sex and the City did it. Why not Gilmore Girls?
  2. Friends. I never get sick of the re-runs even though by now I know every episode by heart. "Joey" was a disappointment; spin-offs just don't cut it. A Ten Years On special could be a winner don't you think?
  3. Everybody Loves Raymond. Mr G and I are currently recording re-runs of Ray and watching them together at the end of a busy day for some comic relief. We find ourselves laughing out loud as we see ourselves and our in-laws brought to life on screen. Its funny because its so often true. If Ray made a comeback me and Mr G would be ready with our DVR.

Shows that look lame now but a new Remake could make them super-cool....

  1. Little House on the Prairie. The books are real gems that I treasured growing up. Sadly the TV show was sugar-sweet and nauseating; even when I was a kid I thought the show sucked compared to the books. What would be really cool would be an-up-to-date version sticking more closely to original story lines which were gritty true stories about pioneer life. I'd love to watch a show like that with my kids.
  2. Buck Rogers and the TwentyFifth Century:  Buck Rogers just doesn't do it for me anymore, and I no longer envy Wilma's lycra body suits, but that whimsical theme music was what got me; every time the credits rolled I wanted more. Imagine a hunky Buck (Gerard Butler?) and a feisty Wilma... add better sets, gadgets, script, storylines... Bucky-boy could be cool again. As long as they keep that theme music.
  3. Six Million Dollar Man. With all the cool effects we have available these days this could be a way-cool show. Kind of a cross between Prison Break and 24 (which I never watched) but with sexier leads and more girl-friendly storylines.. The trick would be casting the right Steve Austin. If Gerard Butler wasn't interested in being Buck Rogers (because, lets be honest, Buck is a really naff name) maybe being the Six Million Dollar Man might tempt him. We can rebuild him...
    {OK I admit I have a tiny little "thing" for Gerard Butler}
  4. Charlies Angels: The movies sucked. The shows rocked. You wouldn't have to try very hard to make Charlies Angels a super-cool up-to-date TV show. I was fascinated by Jaclyn Smith and Cheryl Ladd as a kid, wanted to be them. A remade TV show with smart scripting (and better casting than the movie) could be rather fun. I would love to see a decent remake of Charlies Angels (but I'm not sure if a copy could ever be quite as cool as the original).

Old Shows that should be re-run forever 
  1. Old Style Cartoons. Come on, you just can't get better than the original Looney Tunes and Mickey Mouse. Forget the lame-o Mickey Mouse Clubhouse version with all its syrupy illogical naffness. Forget all the other mediocre copies of the classics and wierd "modern" anime. Bring back the original Mickey Mouse and Looney Tunes we watched as kids. They were great and shouldn't be tampered with. Our kids should get to see what quality cartoons really are.
  2. Get Smart. This one cannot be improved on. It was corny and stupid and poked fun at itself back then. Its still corny and stupid and funny now. The re-runs will do for me.
  3. Gilmore Girls, Friends, Raymond... if I can't get new episodes I'll settle for endless re-runs. You won't hear any complaints from me. 

And the one I hope never ends...?
Greys Anatomy. I don't care how silly it gets. I just want it to keep on keeping on forever... but I hope they bring back Izzy... Alex needs her.

What about you? Which TV shows would you like to see remade for TV now? What were your favourite shows or the ones you love to hate?

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Meghan Maloney Photography said...

Loved Little House on the Prairie but you are right a bit saccharin (sp?) sweet for our modern tastes I'm guessing.

Also loved Danger Bay (two teenage kids and their marine biologist/zoologist dad living on Vancouver Island).

And how about Dr Quinn Medicine Woman? That was a goodie - Sully was very mysterious and alluring.

And how about The Young Riders - do you remember then - they were cool man! Kinda like Young Guns but way more wholesome!

PaisleyJade said...

haha - awesome! Symon and I record Ray too and at the end of the day once the kids are in bed, one of us will look at the other and say "Ray?". So funny and so like us!

Elizabeth said...

Gilmore Girls - I have all of the series on DVD, we collected them (and a few others series) when we were both working... so if you ever need a Gilmore Girl day, just let me know - there are PLENTY to chose from!

But like you - I want another series or a film... so unfair, I want Luke, Loralei and Rory back!

dearfutureme... said...

Haha love this! Love Gilmore Girls, and I so agree about Alex needing Izzy... :-)

bec said...

Family Ties is still one I would love to see. And WKRP, because I think of them whenever I listen to the radio.

{Stephanie}The Drama Mama said...

We have a similar list. It's nice to see someone with my shows on her list. ;)

Lex the mom said...

I was thinking Friends, too. I'm not sure why I didn't include it in my list.

This is a great post, btw! I enjoyed the read & your view of the shows you loved. Looney Tunes is now airing reruns at 5:am CST on Cartoon Network. There's nothing like the classics! I'm DVRing many of them.

Paulette said...

Haha! Great list of shows.

Gilmore Girls & Old Style Cartoons, Yes please!

Get Smart made my list too! I loved watching that w/my daddy!

Karen and Gerard said...

We loved "Gilmore Girls," "Everybody Loves Raymond," "The Waltons" and "Little House on The Prairie." I also agree with you about the old cartoons. My favorites were "The Flintstones" and "The Jetsons."

Dumb Mom said...

I watched Friends' while giving birth. Yes, I had a problem with that show I think! Loved Little House too. And, The Dudes LOVE old cartoons. Thunder Cats is starting to haunt my dreams they watch it so much.

Beth said...

You can still catch me watching Friends reruns. I loved that show so much.

And old school cartoons are in definate need of their own channel. I tell my kids every Saturday morning that they don't know what Saturday Morning Cartoons are.

Georgia Girls said...

I totally agree. Funny thing is I just say a commercial for one of the stations bringing back Charlies Angels-I kid you not. It is suppose to be a fall prime-time gig. Lets see if it is any good. :D

Anonymous said...

loved going down memory road here Simoney
you and I were brought on pretty much the same tv diet I see
so funny
loved most of these shows as well....and did act out scenes with my friends

love and light

Anonymous said...

I totally agree they should bring Izzy back! I also had Friends and Get Smart on my list!

Unknown said...

Top Five favorite TV shows ever (that are no longer on TV): Friends, Gilmore Girls, Farscape (from the SyFy network), Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and Battlestar Galactica.

I own most of them on DVD, so I can travel to the lands of NYC, Sunnydale and outer space anytime I want.

I would LOVE to see a Gilmore Girls movie!!! Let's start a petition!!! :)

The Mommy Mambo said...

Yes! Looney Tunes! The new ones SUCK! ANd the garbage cartoons they create now I can barely let my kids watch. Like "The Fairly Odd Parents". Who can stand that crap!!

Cam said...

i did love the six million dollar man! the sound effects were awesome!

Carey Morris said...

You forgot MASH, my hubby and I could watch this again and again and anything from England like Open all Hours, Last of the Summer Wine, Steptoe and Son. We have been watching Little House on the Prairie with my older son 8 who loves them as they are. I'm too scared to bring back the Waltons for fear of not liking them now. Some things should just stay a happy childhood memory. Though the Wonderful World of Disney could be brought back, some of those episodes were great, especially the ones with animals.

Trees said...

Love re-runs like Morecombe and Wise, Porridge, old 'classic' british comedy. The BBC Pride and Prejudice series with Colin Firth. Never heard of the Gilmore Girls, have I missed out?

Used to love Dukes of Hazzard, The A-Team, Manimal (remember that freaky hand thing as he morphed into a big cat??), Fame (I had dreams of being discovered and taking a lead role), Airwolf... all of which should probably stay in the distant past!

Would love a remake of Little House on the Prairie and wish we could sit as a family and watch the Muppets every Saturday night.

As for things I'd like to run forever, probably the sit-com Miranda (if you ever get it where you are, check it out she's great), Dr Who and a brilliant kids show here Horrible Histories which is by far the best programme on telly at the moment. John and I love it more than the kids!! (To clarify that's more than the kids love it, not more than we love our kids).

KatBouska said...

I love how you broke the shows into categories. :) I never did get into the Gilmore Girls, but I Little House on the Prairie was always a favorite!!

Gail said...


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