25 July 2011

Tangled Party: Ideas and How To's

Miss Fab turns seven on Thursday. Eek.
Tangled Party Launching T-minus-1530-hours. This Saturday. Eeeeek.
Here's a few of the details I'm working on...

Too-Easy Bunting
Bunting is perfect with the Tangled theme - they actually have it in the movie, strung up all around the market place, purple with the golden sun emblem on it.
I figured out how to make this simple non-sewn version.

You will need:

  • The Stencil (right-click to grab it) - printed or traced onto thick paper or light card; adjust size to fit flags
  • A craft knife 
  • A Ruler
  • Purple A2 craft card
  • Gold paint (Resene "Gold" test pot worked perfectly)
  • A sponge or cloth for dabbing paint on
  • Long Ribbon or string of some kind
  • A stapler

Cut up the purple card as shown in the above diagram. First cut the card in half lengthways. Then cut out even triangles using a ruler and craft knife to get perfectly straight edges.

Carefully cut out the stencil, as shown above, leaving a "mask"

Position the mask so it fits completely onto the triangle and use the sponge to dab the gold paint on.

When the paint is dry, staple the flags evenly onto the string; alternate which side the gold motif is facing, to avoid having to stencil both sides {This also helps to disguise uneven placement of the stencil}.

String up and finish off with a pretty purple bow made from fabric leftovers.

Pretty Paper Doily Jar Lanterns

Lanterns are a major theme in the Tangled movie, and we are planning on having all kinds of lanterns at our party. These pretty lanterns are very easy to make and look stunning all lit up. I plan to have a row of them along the mantelpiece, trimmed with purple ribbon (or maybe some jute twine; I haven't decided...).

You will need:
Clean glass jars
A Packet of paper doilies
Spray glue

Trim the lace edging off the doilies. This is the part we will use on our lanterns.

Cut off a piece of "paper lace"; spray the jar with glue and position the lace carefully onto the glued area  (Note: spray glue is messy and sticky; you can try using a glue stick, but the "lace" may rip).

Stick it to the jar and repeat until the whole jar is covered. It doesn't matter if there are small gaps or overlaps; it all creates an interesting pattern once lit.

Put a tealight candle in the bottom of the jar and finish off by trimming with some ribbon or jute twine wrapped around the neck of the jar.

You will need a long lighter (or jumbo matches) to light the tealights inside the jars.
Enjoy the dancing patterns and shapes made by the flickering candles - so pretty!

Cute Tower Bookmarks
I found this clever idea on DisneyFamily.com and just knew I had to make some for the girls' goodie bags.
You can download the printable book template here (four towers to an A4 page)

You will need:
Skeins of golden yellow embroidery thread (two plaits per skein)
Tower template, Printed and laminated
Craft knife
Mini rubber bands suitable for tying end of braids

  1. Cut out the towers
  2. Use craft knife to cut a small narrow rectangular hole where the window is
  3. Snip the embroidery skein in half and then separate into two piles
  4. Wet the ends of your bunch of thread and poke it through the hole (i.e. lick those ends, people! Lick em good til they are all stuck together and easy to poke through!)

  1. Tie a knot in the ends to prevent the threads from pulling through the hole
  2. Snip the yucky gooby wet ends off neatly
  3. Plait the "hair" into a braid
  4. Use a mini rubber band to secure the ends of your braid (you can add a purple ribbon if you want. I didn't bother)

Admire your handiwork! Awwww, so cute 'n' clever! Looks just like Rapunzel's hair coming out of the Tower... (and costs next to nothing to make)

Easy Fondant Roses
I found a great tutorial on Pinterest which made making these roses look like childs play.
The original tutorial is here... I won't repeat it because I am still such a novice rose-maker and this blogger is a Pro, but her tutorial is stunningly simple.

So simple in fact that I roped my nearly-seven-year-old into helping make them. She made the rolled up bits for the centres; I made the petals.

Of course practise will make perfect. I plan on making some more in different colours now I know how easy they are... they will grace the tops of cupcakes and the Tower Birthday cake I plan on making. 
And I will be able to proudly say, I made those roses (with a little help from my kid).

Other projects include:

...Making a Mix CD; the best of the Tangled Soundtrack (from iTunes) and other of Miss Fab's favourite songs, to help set the atmosphere. {Download Printable CD Cover here}

...creating Tangled magnets to cut out and use on Miss Fab's magnetic wall. {Download printable A4 sheets here and here}

I've also added a large tree to the magnet wall, and Miss Fab helped me paint her pink pinboard with Rapunzels tower, flowers and butterflies. We have been very arty lately.

The list of things to do is still fairly long, with lots of last minute baking and decorating. We are looking forward to a simple-but-special party for six girlie guests on Saturday night...
  • Hairdressing in Rapunzel's Hair Salon (aka the bedroom) at 3.30pm
  • Afternoon Tea (cupcakes, cookies, pink lemonade in pretty bottles)
  • Watching the Movie while munching popcorn and homemade choc-tops, lanterns flickering
  • Sizzling sausages on the brazier outside (under shelter); more lanterns flickering
  • Toasting marshmallows, telling stories, drinking cocoa
  • Finishing off with releasing some sky lanterns; home-time at 8pm
We are hoping for a wind-and-rain-free night!
Cross fingers and pray for good weather...

{For more great Tangled Party Ideas check out Disney's Everything Tangled page}

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Gail said...

Wow! Looking AMAZING. We will keep an eye out in the mail then for our goodie bag ;)xx Good work mother!

Cat said...

WOW this looks amazing - you do parties amazingly special!
I also love to throw a fantastic party for my kidlets (especially considering Mr B's upbringing) - creating childhood memories.
I'm slowly but surely coming up with Lego ideas for Philosophers 6th birthday.
xx hugs xx

Choppy said...

Wow weeee fantastic!!!

Choppy said...

Whoops choppy is me Rebecca....he must still be logged in!

PaisleyJade said...

Love it!!! Love all the prep you put into your parties and those roses are awesome. xoxo

Leonie said...

wow Simone, looks amazing, lovely to see all the behind the scenes prep!!!

Anonymous said...

A + for super awesomely creative Mummy! Love the theme & the how toos are fantastic! Looks like Miss Fab will have a blast :)

jenn said...

i like those lanterns a lot. very pretty.

Renee said...

Wow - what a super mumma you are to organise such a special party! I must admit I have no idea what Tangled is - a new Disney movie? I'm way out of the 6/7 year old girl loop! Love anything non-sewing since I have no idea how to sew (even though I have my Mums old sewing machine sitting in my wardrobe - I have no idea how to use it). Love those lanterns - I think the twine just finishes them off perfectly. Fingers crossed for some gorgey weather on Saturday night so the sky lantern flying and marshmellow roasting goes smoothly xxx

Unknown said...

Ok, seriously, will you be my mommy for my next birthday? I turn 31 next June, and I want a Simoney planned party, please. :0) LOVE your craft ideas, especially the jars. I may have to make a few of those this weekend, just to send out as "I Love You" gifts. Your creativity knows no bounds!!!

Unknown said...
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Angel.Pearls said...

Me like!

Unknown said...

Hi, Thanks for sharing your helpful ideas. All these seem simple enough while adding that special touch. Wish me luck with our Tangled party on the 28th.

Anonymous said...

What did you use to get your bookmarks four to a page? The link is no longer working.

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