06 September 2011

Silly Me

The day started well.
A fresh spring morning perfect for sitting in the sun drinking homemade lemonade with a lovely bunch of women while happy children skipped among the tulips/freesias/dandelions.

It was time for The Gathering of Really Lovely Women - otherwise known as my new playgroup {The one I started last week, that went so well.}

I was ultra-prepared for this week with my homemade lemonade and left-over Madeira cake, my red gingham tablecloth and new poppy cushions...

Toys ready for Playing: CHECK
Dressups ready for Wearing: CHECK
Sand ready for Scooping: CHECK
Sun Shining as Requested: CHECK

9.45am and all's well.
Lemons sliced and floating in my best pitcher, lemonade ice laden and fizzy.

All that remains is for me to get down the food covers from the top of the cupboard, where they are stacked on top of my retro cut glass bowl.
Which is perched on top of my retro glass cake plate.
I can almost reach.
Almost... almost...
...if I just nudge that plate just a fraction I can...

Down comes the plate on my face, smashing as it catches the edge of the cupboard.
Glass showers the kitchen. Oh no!
The mess!
I'll have to clean up the mess and my friends will be here with their small children and a kitchen littered with shards of glass in ten minutes time!
Where's the broom... oops, what's that trickling down my face...?

I put my hand up to my eye and it comes away bloody.
I'm bleeding!
The mirror reveals a long deep gash above my eyebrow.
So close to my eye! The glass could have blinded me if it hit just a centimetre further south.
I run to find a facecloth and press it to my head, shouting at Scrag to stay away.
Who to call?
I can't clean up the glass and staunch the bleeding at the same time?
I track down my friend Sarah who is on her way within seconds.

Feeling a little woozy I lie down on the outside couch, unable to do anything. Having to rely on the others.
Aren't women amazing?
My friend cleans up the glass. One by one the other women arrive and pitch in, making coffee, setting out food... and ordering me up to the A&E immediately once they lay eyes on the gash.
Lyns drives me.

Finally, bandaged up, I return, looking oh-so-sexy.
I hope to heck that there's no scar. Who needs an extra frown line, after all?
Silly me. I should have been more careful.

While I've been gone, everyone had a great time.
"What a lovely bunch of women!" I hear over and over.

I am so glad I started up this playgroup.
Scrag enjoys having friends over to hang out every Monday.
I enjoy having friends over to hang out every Monday too!

But next Monday, I will take my time. I will not rush. I will use a chair.

  • Homemade Lemonade Recipe HERE

Thankyou Sarah for dropping everything and rushing over
Thankyou Lyns for driving me to A&E & helping me tidy up
Thankyou Penny for making the coffee and prompting me to start the group
Thankyou Mel for being so cool; Thankyou Lisa you rock - next week I will be more careful so I can sit and chat with you both
Thankyou all for looking after Scrag

Also thankyou to the girls who came last week and those who plan to come next week - I love hanging out with you all!

**PLAYGROUP: Every Monday Morning, 10am-12pm at my house in Mt Albert; bring morning tea to share. Enquiries to greatfun4kids@live.com**

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PaisleyJade said...

Oh dear! Sounds like a fab playgroup - hope you heal real quick.

Broot said...

My goodness. I'm glad you're okay and you had so much support today!!

Rachel Kate said...

Glad you're ok! Sounds like an awesome group of girlys :) keep it up xo

jacksta said...

oh no!

Cat said...

Oh Simone - take care of you!
So glad you had such a lovely group of friends to be there for you and Scrag.
What a wonderful wonderful idea for a playgroup xxx
ps: did you get a headache too?

Cat said...

Oh Simone - take care of you!
So glad you had such a lovely group of friends to be there for you and Scrag.
What a wonderful wonderful idea for a playgroup xxx
ps: did you get a headache too?

Sima J said...

ooo ouchies!! SO good that it wasn't worse than it turned out and YAY for great friends to help out in times of need! Good on you for being positive about the whole thing! Get better asap!! xoxo

Leonie said...

oh ouch I am cringing for you. I dont do blood very well, you are so brave. Hope it heals fast.

Meghan Maloney Photography said...

Crikey - what a morning! But although you are probably kicking yourselfthat it happened wasn't it also great timing that you had lovely ladies to look after you and drive you to A&E and look after Scrag - in fact His timing is perfect actually!

Brigitte said...

Oh my goodness!! What a drama, I hope you can look back and laugh at that some day...
I love the way your friends all pitch in to help out and still carry on with the morning even without you there.
Take care of your beautiful face please! :) xx

Gail said...

Flip!! Glad you're ok - but yeah, BE CAREFUL!!!

So pleased you've started a playgroup - go you!!!!!!!!

Unknown said...

Oh, your poor noggin!! I'm so glad you had friends nearby willing to jump in and help. xoxo

Melanie said...

Thank goodness for mommy friends! Sounds like a fab group. So glad you're okay.

Leah, aka, Far From Perfect MaMMa said...

I prefer a ladder over a chair. Lemonade looks yummy! Yes, women are so dear when we really need a 911. Happy to hear you have yours close by and everyone still had a wonderful time.

Unknown said...

Oh no! Hope it doesn't hurt too much xxx

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