25 September 2011

A Very Sporty Day

We began our day with Sport.
We may be on the Other Side of the World but we are all Kiwis to the core
{yes, even Geordie Mr G}
No way could we miss a match this important...

The Rugby World Cup.
All Blacks vs France. New Zealand's bogey team.
Twice they have knocked us out of the Rugby World cup in years gone by.
Twice. Like a sickening recurring nightmare.
But not this time. 

We stood in Grandma's living room and sang the National Anthem in Maori and English
hands clasped over hearts.
Then shirts were ripped off and it was Haka Time.
If I were the French I would have been scared.

The All Blacks won! As I knew they would. Haaaa-le-luuuuu-jaaaaah!!!!
With that nail-biting game out of the way I have every confidence 
that the Boys in Black can finally win that elusive Golden Trophy.

What a way to start the day.
But more sporting awesomeness was still to come...

An English Premier League Football Match.
Newcastle United vs Blackburn Rovers.
At St James' Park.
And this time I get to go.

A Little Background...
I once went to a match at St James Park.
Mr G and I were newlyweds. I was a football novice.
I thought football {aka soccer} was boooooring.
Until I went to that Premier League Match.
The atmosphere is electric. There is chanting, singing.
When someone scores, elation, hugging and kissing strangers.
I finally understand what all the fuss is about
{and why football is the world's most popular sport}.

Then I gave birth to a footballer. The round-ball game dominates our Saturdays.
His granny got his name engraved on a stone at the stadium to celebrate his birth.
His daddy took him to a match the last time we came here. He toured the ground and signed for Newcastle. Make believe. One day, he says, it will be for real.

And this time I got to come with him. To see those shining eyes for myself.

What a fabulous day. 
We met Mr G's long-time friend Mickey at the Hilton for drinks. And lunch.
Yes. The Hilton.
{I told you it was a fabulous day}

Dash got to hang out with Mickey's boy. Age fifteen.
The age gap did not stop Dash from chewing the lad's ear off about football.
But it did have other effects.

Like, I noticed Dash wouldn't hold my hand like he usually does.
{Awww shucks he doesn't want his mate to think he's a baby}

He was definitely trying to be cool. Super cool.
As in whatever-you-do-don't-smile-for-the-camera-cool.
Hehe. That just made me laugh.
He's way too cute to be teenage-cool.
He'd start chanting, singing, then see me looking and get that sheepish look, 
all embarrassed he'd duck his head.

"Don't worry son," I told him, "You chant and I'll chant with ya..."
After all, me and daddy are grownups and we still chant.
And sing. Hold hands. And shout at the Ref.

A super duper day for sport, all round.
Newcastle beat Blackburn 3-1.
Mr G got to throw Dash up in the air.
You just can't be thrown in the air and remain teenage-cool. 
When you're eight years old and very excited, at some point its going to leak out the seams.

Like when you shake a bottle of Fanta and then open the lid...
{Actually it was the lemonade that sprayed everywhere
when Dash opened it after Daddy had thrown him in the air...}

As we were leaving the ground, a little hand stole into mine.
I looked straight ahead, said nothing.
But the smile on my face went all the way down to my toes.
Ahhh yes, a fabulous day for sport.

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meg said...

Awesome yet again Simoney. I went to a party Friday night with your neighbour M and over the road neighbours too! Small world. Glad you're getting time out to blog and share your fabulous trip. x

Sophie said...

awwww :)

PaisleyJade said...

Oh wow - sporty day alright! Loved seeing the photos - your guys looked so excited!!

dearfutureme... said...

Super cool pics! We're off to England soon - might have to head to a football game!

Johnny said...

Awww that's awesome!! So pleased you are having a marvellous time!
Love ya!!!

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