08 April 2012

Stan Walker - Dream Come True

My son is Stan Walker's Number One Fan.
He knows all the songs, including the lyrics; he's saving up to buy Stan's latest album, he's written about Stan on his Blog and asks me at least six times a week, "Mum who's your favourite singer???"
(The only correct answer is: Stan Walker).

I'm Stan's Number Two Fan, right there behind Dash.
Firstly Stan is a pretty great singer. He won Australian Idol, but is anything but a one-hit wonder. He keeps churning out the hits... songs I love to sing along to as much as my kids do - and the best part?
Stan is an awesome role model.

Stan Walker is a Maori boy who came from a tough life (in New Zealand), found God, broke out of the negative cycle he was in, and now he's a walking talking example of how God's love can truly transforms someone. Of course he found his fame in Aussie, and they claim his as their own... but Stan cheers for the All Blacks, so there's the proof he's a Kiwi at heart.
Dash's Shout notebook

I've sat and heard Stan share his story. I've watched him lead a crowd in worship. He shines.
Stan is a humble guy. He knows he's talented, but he doesn't seem to let that go to his head. He is grateful for what God has done for him; thankful for his blessings.
And my son totally looks up to this lovely young man.

This Easter our church held Shout, a leadership, youth and creative conference at the Aotea Centre. Dash came home from opening night buzzing.
"Mum you won't believe who was there???!! Stan Walker! And he sang Light it Up!"

Yes, Stan was attending Shout conference.
And Dash made it his mission to shake Stan's hand and get his autograph.
He started practising on anyone he could find, shoving his notebook under their noses and asking, "Can I please have your autograph?"

He followed American speaker Reggie Dabbs into the green room and scored his first signature.
He hit up Pastor Bruce, and my mates James and BJ, among others.
He was ready for the Big Time.
Some of Dash's autograph collection

Dash prepared a page in *faith* that he would see Stan.
He wrote "PLEASE SIGN HERE" with an arrow pointing to a blank space...
underneath it said "I am your biggest fan."
Shout was nearly over and still no signature.
Then, Dash caught a rumour.
Stan was backstage.

This was his last chance. He begged his Daddy, "Please dad can you find out where is back stage and take me there????!!!"
Daddy really has no idea what the fuss is about Stan.
He's not a follower of Australian Idol, X-Factor or current music like the rest of us.
Daddy listens to 105.4 - The Coast (old timey sixties and seventies classics).
Daddy didn't even know what Stan looks like.
(It really should have been me taking Dash...)

So Daddy wanders backstage, walks up to a guy he knows who's in the band and says in his broad loud geordie voice: "Mate, D'ya know where this bloke Stan Walker is? These kids won't leave me alone til they've seen him."
"Yeah mate, he's right behind ya," the muso friend said.
And there he was. Two metres away from them.

Dash said he just couldn't stop grinning as soon as he saw him. Miss Fab had tagged along too, and went all shy, but Dash presented his pen and page, and even got a hug, while they posed for a snap.
"Mum he's so nice... Mum I touched his back! He touched my pen!" Dash gushed as he burst into the car.
"I'm never going to lose this book. I'm going to keep it forever! I'm going to tell everyone at school... I got Stan Walker's autograph!"

Later... "Mum did you know that Stan was wearing a beanie like me and a check shirt and jeans like me? Just as well I wasn't wearing my sporty stuff!" (Maybe it will be easier to get Dash out of football strips occasionally, thanks to Stan's great fashion example??)

Ahhhh that just made my day, seeing my lad so happy.
His first dream come true.

Thanks Stan. You totally rock.

{P.S. Best in Blog Linky will return next week - have a great Easter Monday}

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Meghan Maloney Photography said...

Awww so stoked for Dash. I was like that with Chris Cairns...mad on cricket growing up ha ha. But seriously Stan rocks..he and his family used to attend my mum and dad's church in Hamilton before they moved to OZ and my bros used to hang out with him and his older bro. Such a great example of God turning a life around for good!

Sarah said...

Such a wonderful read this Easter Sunday! How absolutely amazing.

Barbs said...

Awwww - that is so cool. I bet Dash is over the moon. And what a truly awesome guy Stan Walker is.

Anonymous said...

That is so sweet! Yay for dash!
Linda B

jacksta said...


Jen said...

very very cool!!
pleased for your son

meg said...

that is so sweet! i think stan walker is awesome too.

Anonymous said...

Awww so happy for your son...I love Stan too. God bless you and Have a happy Easter every one..

Sophie said...

awwwwww that is so cool! Yay for awesome role models!

Neetz said...

Yayyyy this just made my heart light up :)

I remember the day I couldn't go to the Cliff Richard concert (don't laugh...I was in LOVE with him when I was a girl).. heehee.

Anyway..I was having Chemotherapy and in hospital...so couldn't go to the concert... but an aunty was working at the hotel where he was staying..so she asked if she could get his autograph for me..... AND...he sent out some signed photographs... TO MY HOUSE... I still hve the envelope with my name and addy in cliffs handwriting... (and the photos too) LOL

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