14 November 2012

A Need for Speed (and Toys for Big Boys)

Some boys just love speed and Scrag is one of them.
He is obsessed with running fast. Any opportunity for a race and he's in.
Every morning when I drop him off for kindy he won't let me leave until he's shown me how fast he can run.
He has the "fastness" of everyone at kindy all figured out. And he is now the "First Fastest" (since the other first fastest boy left to go to school).

[Scrag racing away at the Family Fun Day]

Last Saturday our church held a Family Fun Day at a local school. Scrag was reluctant to get out of his PJ's until I told him there would be running races. Nuff said.

While we were there, hanging out, playing games, it was hard to ignore the crowd around our friend Adrian, giving rides on his Power Scooter. Every kid there wanted a go. (Every dad there wanted one for Christmas). Adrian and his pal Adrian (yes, two Adrians) have started importing these cool-as machines into NZ. They're the latest thing.

So when Adrian offered to bring over the scooter one evening for us to have a play, well, it didn't take much persuading for our speed-hungry bunch to say, Awww go on, then!

Everyone had a go with daddy, except Scrag who preferred to race the scooter down the road...

Flippin' hilarious.

I'm not very technical, but these things are pretty awesome.
When I first heard of them I imagined they were a Toy. But on closer inspection they are really really not. They are instead a very cool mode of transport. They can be ridden on the footpath (like a Mobility Scooter, but for the non-elderly) and can get speeds of up to 30km per hour. They are electric, with a rechargeable battery, which will get you around 30km scooting-distance on one charge.

They look really really cool (with grunty phat tyres) and even fold down for easy transportation.
I was impressed and I am totally thinking how cool they would be for teenagers or college students - or even intermediate kids - for getting to school or uni. They could ride safely all the way on the footpath and just padlock them up at the bike rack. If you're an unfit commuter you could even ride it to work and save on parking - heck you can even take it on the train.

So yeah. Not a toy as such. (They'd be an expensive toy, but are a super-economical mode of transport).

Not just useful, but loads of fun too.
I think I might have to save up and get one for Dash when he heads off to high school in a few years time...

I told our pal Adrian I would write a story up on my blog (he is Kezia's Dad for those of you who remember my story from earlier this year?) and he has kindly sent me a discount code for you guys, my lovely readers:

20% off full retail price scooters! (Offer expires end of Nov 2012)

CODE: GF4K1112

So if you have teens heading off to school or uni (or you commute to work and are sick of parking hassles) you should totally check out the Amp PowerScooter Website. (The scooters are made to order, so I think this week is the last week to order in time for Christmas).

Here are The Adrians in action down at the waterfront on their cool-as PowerScooter...

Fun aye??

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