21 November 2012


Things to do. Things to do. I keep going, trying to get to the end of my list when I will reward myself with some relaxation.
Can't stop til everything's done. Can't rest til the work's completed.
But To-Do lists are ever-expanding; "a woman's work is never done..."
Like a hamster on a treadmill I run in circles, the tension building... until SNAP.
I've always done things this way. Sound familiar?

Yesterday I discovered a new way, a better way.
It was a mad day; we aren't home til nearly 5 o'clock. The kids are starving. Dinner needs to be cooked. I can feel the tension building in my head, a sort of desperation. Will I be able to make it through til bedtime?

Outside the sun is shining, calling to me. Inside the kids are complaining, whingeing at me.
I know I won't make it on sheer willpower. So instead of gritting my teeth and grinding through like I usually do, I take a Pause.

I make a tray of snacks, open some hummus, blanch some asparagus, chop some carrots. Then I take the tray outside and invite my husband outside to share a glass of cider with me.
The kids are happy, temporarily satisfied with snacks and SpongeBob.
Me and the husband sit in the Spring sunshine, sipping cider, sampling snacks.

We Pause. Take a breath. Before going inside and cooking the meal, we take a moment to connect and replenish our souls. We end the day with some new gas in the tank. Nobody snaps.

The morning comes too soon. The noise and demands begin immediately.
Behind the eight-ball, I know there is much to be done. Lunchboxes, breakfasts, transportation...
But I have learnt my lesson.
As my children race about doing their thing, making demands I say, Wait five minutes.
I am just going to Pause.

I make myself a cup of coffee, I sit on my window seat, take a sip, close my eyes.
I feel the morning sun warming me. I take a breath. I finish my coffee, soaking in the sunshine.
Then, having Paused and taken a moment for myself, I turn to the demands of the day and complete each task on time and without drama. I am calm.

It's fantastic. I have found the Power of the Pause.
(and I highly recommend it)

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