12 November 2012

Coldplay Rocks


Coldplay is probably my favourite band in the world. I think I love them even more than U2.
They played this Saturday in Auckland. I went. And loved it.

If you know me at all you know that noise and crowds are really not my favourite thing; I tend to panic, freak out, even at times in church (which is often like a rock concert). Ear plugs and a quick exit are usually how I handle crowds and noise. You'd think a concert ticket would be wasted on me.

In fact the first time U2 came, hubby didn't even get me a ticket, much to my chagrin.
When I said, Why just the one ticket? he replied, well can you imagine it? There we'll be at this rockin concert and you'll be calling out "Bono! Bono! can you keep the noise down?? Edge... Edge! Turn down your amp!"
He went alone.

But when U2 came back I was feeling braver. So we got some tickets for seats waaaaay at the back. It was great. I loved it and decided I could be a concert-goer after all.

Then hubby stumbled upon the Coldplay concert and scooped up a pair of tickets for me and him to celebrate our 12th wedding anniversary.
General Admission. Down on the field with the sweaty heaving rockin' crowd.

Saturday morning I was getting nervous. My back was aching after my latest run-in with Gravity and I didn't know how it would hold up with all that standing.
Then my friend Justine came to the rescue and loaned me her vintage fold-up camping stool which had gotten her through many concerts while preggers.

So with a couple of Voltarin on board and the camping stool tucked under my arm, off we went to see my favourite band in the world....

This is where we found our cosy spot. Sweet.
Down on the field, halfway back, out on the edge we had the best of both worlds. Space and a decent view.

(You don't imagine for a second that I lugged my camera with me did you? These blurry pics are snapped on hubby's phone. I was there to be in the moment. Enjoying every bit of it.)

If it were possible I think I love Coldplay even more now than before. If I loved the U2 concert I was in love with the Coldplay one. Probably because we were right down in amongst it. The glowy wristbands they gave us all as we went in were awesome, as were the confetti cannons that spewed out millions of "X"s which fluttered down like butterflies.


But the coolest part for us was near the end. Coldplay had left the stage and everyone was doing the inevitable slow clap, calling for an encore.
My hubby has a thing about "beating the traffic" so he suggested we head to the back, ready for a quick exit.
Reluctantly I started to follow, not wanting to give up our cool pozzy, when all of a sudden right out the corner of our eye there was Chris Martin walking along the barrier fence right by us!
Surprise! They had set up a stage near the back for an unplugged encore.. When they climbed up so unexpectedly onto the mini stage, we found ourselves just a couple of metres away...

...look how close we were! Flippin awesome. Chris Martin said, "Well we couldn't come all the way to New Zealand and not say hello to the back of the room, could we?" So totally cool.

They finished back on the big stage with my favourite two songs (Fix You and Every Teardrop a Waterfall) and a massive fireworks display... me and hubby had spotted the barriers down, so we ambled up the walkway to near the front of the crowd for a great view and a quick getaway.

The back gates were open, so we headed up the stars and snapped this last pic of the crowd...

...and then out we walked ahead of the rush. No pushing or shoving or queuing or bottlenecks.

(Apparently for some reason these gates were shut soon after and there was only one way out for the whole 50,000-strong crowd which took forever and was a nightmare. I think Someone was looking after me, knowing how that would have totally freaked me out, don't you?)


Fab. A totally fab night.
Coldplay ROCKS.

(Here's my Coldplay Playlist on YouTube)

Which of your favourite groups would you love to see in Concert??

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