19 November 2012

Happy Birthday Dear Me


Forty-three. Who would've thought? Sometimes I feel every single one of my 15,695 days. Other times I feel no different than I did at eighteen (when I thought forty-somethings were over the hill and no longer qualified completely as human beings, but were rather, middle aged dinosaurs. O the follies and arrogance of misguided youth).

I have to say that the day did not begin too swimmingly. After spending the morning doing the usual Monday drudgery of conjuring nutritious lunchboxes from empty post-weekend cupboards, pouring cereal and pushing whingeing kids out the door to school, I was ready to head back to bed, feeling sorry for myself.

Still lurking in my PJ's feeling unfit for human company, I wanted to dive back under the covers and pull them up over my head. I was regretting sending a txt to all my playgroup buddies last week inviting them to share a birthday tea party this morning... But O I was so Glad they Came.

God was thinking of me, and he turned the sunshine on for the first Monday since way back in April. We can actually do playgroup outside? The kids can run free, climb, ride bikes, bounce, swing... while we can enjoy civilised grown-up chitchat? This might be nice...

My mum and dad wandered up the driveway, my dear friends began arriving, showing no consternation at seeing me still pyjama-clad. Rather they said, What do you want us to do? We dragged the picnic table out under the blossom trees (I went and got out of my PJ's) and we enjoyed a delicious morning after all...

Where would I be without friends? Thankyou girls for coming and making my morning so sweet. So glad to have each and every one of you in my life.

As I type this I am listening to a Genius Mix on this (my birthday iPod)...

...while seated on this (my birthday computer chair)...

So from an inauspicious beginning, my birthday seems to be turning out pretty nice.
Thanks to Hubby. Thanks to Friends. Thanks to God.

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