30 September 2013

Grateful to the Absolute Max

Hello lovely blog-readers.
I am determined to be better sooner than later and hoping to get some blog posts out this week (at least two, including this one)... depending on how long I can sit here at the computer without my hands and feet going tingly and my body getting shaky and nauseous. I miss blogging. Mainly because I miss being able to tell stories. So much to say, so much to share.
I thought since today is Monday I will knock out a grateful post, because I have so so so much to be grateful for.

I am first of all grateful for all the prayers. People all of the world were praying for me. Guillaine Barre can be very very nasty; my hubby knew someone who was in hospital for nine months. The doctors were amazed by the "dramatic turnaround" and said "maybe the prayers worked". 36 hours after they were all set to give me the plasma treatment, they sent me home. There was no nerve damage and I don't need any physio. Thankyou to everyone who prayed for me. You were part of a miracle.

Secondly I am grateful to everyone who has supported my family practically, with meals made with love and playdates. I am able to do little bits but it leaves me shaky and weak, so you have no idea what the meals have meant to us. It has given poor Mr G one less thing to do. Each and every meal has been nutritious and delicious. We are all infinitely grateful.

Two people in particular need special mention: Firstly, Sophie from the Sisterhood, who has coordinated all the meals from Christchurch. What an amazing thing the Sisterhood is. Sisters all over the country supporting unmet sisters in need.(My Auckland blog friends apparently needed no cajoling to sign up to make us meals, which is so heartwarming to hear!) I urge you to check out the Sisterhood and see how you can get involved. It's a wonderful thing, and I'll be grateful forever.  I am blown away by the real love and support for me and my family, from our not just the blog girls but also our church, family and local community.

Next honourable mention is Deb Robertson, blog friend and quilt maker extraordinaire. Deb heard I was in hospital and sat up all night hand-quilting a "Quilt hug" for me. She couriered it to me in the Neuro Ward and I can tell you, it was the most amazing blessing, which arrived on the worst day of my hospital stay. That quilt was truly like a hug. When I lay sleepless in my bed after a day of hideous tests and panic attacks, I felt loved and cared for laying under that quilt. I am not the first person Deb has done this for; she uses her talent to send quilt hugs to sisters in need of one, usually forking out over $140 per quilt to get them professionally quilted, as her little machine isn't up to the task. Some lovely blog friends are running a campaign to raise money to buy Deb a quilting machine both to bless Deb and to make it easier for her to keep on blessing others with her beautiful Quilt hugs. Here's the facebook page if you want to know more; I'd love it if you would get behind it and give a little towards Deb's machine. Every little bit adds up.

And finally. I am grateful to my amazing husband who has had to juggle work and home and carry the lion's share of the parenting. He definitely deserves a medal and I am truly grateful to have such a capable hands-on dad and husband. Overall, although I am not 100% yet, and can't drive or do very much for very long, I am so blessed and grateful to be where I am. no still in hospital. Not facing a long rehabilitation. Surrounded by love and practical support from so many amazing friends. I couldn't be more grateful.

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Gratefully Yours,

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