05 September 2013


There are now three of us in our house "down with the dreaded lurgy" - me, Mr G and Dash.
(a.k.a. sick;  a.k.a. poorly; a.k.a. miserable)

I don't even want to be on the computer (now you KNOW I'm sick)... but I have so much to do!
I really want to get on with making angels in Photoshop for my revised book... I've been starting to get enquiries from people about it recently, I guess as we draw closer to Christmas.
There was a *sniff* from a maybe interested publisher... but haven't heard anything for a couple of weeks now.
Heigh Ho.
I will persist with Blurb, much as I HATE their exhorbitant shipping costs. Needs must. Better than nothing and all that.


Yeah, I really should get off this contraption and get cosy somewhere. Curl up with a book. I've been ploughing through books lately; read a few gooduns. I feel a Mrs Readalot post coming on...


So *cough* I'm off to bed. I've replied to my urgent emails, done my urgent design jobs and put off what i can til next week.

If I'm not blogging much this week, now you know why...

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