25 September 2013

A Super Quick Update from Simoney

Hi blog friends. Gosh it's been a while.
This is a super quick update for those who don't follow me on Facebook (so might not know) that I came out of Hospital over the weekend and am now recovering at home.

I am being blessed by so much love and support (and practical help) that it's almost embarrassing.
At the moment I am on the mend (and obviously no longer sick enough to be in hospital) but the process is agonisingly and frustratingly slow.
I can't actually tolerate being on the computer at the moment so this update will be super quick just to let you know that I will be going slow on blogging for a while until I am fully recovered and can sit at the computer without getting pain in my hands, body-shakes and nausea.
I also have had to put my little Etsy invitation business on hold and will not be able to fill any orders for blog makeovers either. I've decided to not even think about that until next year. The Blog Design shop is shut for now. The Etsy shop will probably reopen sooner and normal blogging will hopefully resume before too long... crossing fingers and hoping for sometime next week?

In the meantime, thanks to my brilliant new SWYPE keyboard app on my phone (which makes ouchy typing a thing of the past) I am still active on Facebook and Instagram, so if you want to keep up with my progress, please follow via one of those two channels.

I am incredibly grateful for all the love and prayers and messages of support. When I am up to it I will tell you the whole whirlwhind saga and hand out accolades to all those who have blessed me and my family during this crazy time. The blogging community - particularly my Kiwi sisters - have been AMAZING. You all have given my husband a real appreciation of the value of blogging. He no longer rolls his eyes when I mention the blog. He has seen and experienced for himself what an amazing network of wonderful women we have in Blogland.

Love heaps everyone, must go, my toes are tingling and my fingers are going a wee bit numb. Best get off.
See you over on the Facebook page ... Ta Ta For Now.

Love from

P.S. I absolutely loved Meg's Bloggy Hijack. Didn't she do fab? If you missed it here's the link: Bloggy hijack in Progress

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