11 September 2013

I Keep Thinking Today is Thursday...

...when clearly it's not. It's Wednesday and I am all out of kilter.
I'm about to crawl back to bed, courtesy of this awful virus I can't get rid of a.k.a last week's lurgy which I thought I'd kicked to the curb only to be revisited with a vengeance.

I went to the doctor yesterday to get some bloods done, thinking all kinds of morbid thoughts after visiting Doctor Google with my symptoms (silly, I know).
Apparently this weird collection of symptoms is actually a virus that's going around.
Nausea, dizziness, fatigue, loss of appetite, numb hands and feet, elevated temperature...
I've had to reschedule umpteen appointments, cancel orders and rely on hubby to do most of my jobs on top of his.
So this is a heads up, cos I hate to think of my blog lying dormant, unloved and empty: I am poorly. In bed. Crook. Normal posting will resume when lurgy has GONE.
In the meantime Mrs Readalot is indulging in some good reads which she will share with you all upon our return to health.
And I have my phone by my bed, so although I'm bedridden I'm still "around" on Facebook and Instagram.
You can find me here...


luv from

P.S. the freesias in the picture are from my garden to cheer me up and remind me that Spring is indeed coming, any day now...

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