18 September 2013

bloggy hijack in progress

Hello just a wee blog update from me (Meg) to let you all know that Simone is in hospital at the moment and won't be able to blog for a wee while.  Remember when she wasn't feeling good last week? Well turns out that there was a reason for that.  The poor love has a nasty thing called Guillain–BarrĂ© syndrome and has been in hospital for the week getting all sorts of tests.  It has made her hands and feet weak and tingly and the worry is that it could progress to her lungs.  The nurses come and check her breathing even during the night! 

They're looking after her well, but at the moment her condition isn't improving.  Doctors say she'll be in for at least another week now, leaving Mr G to juggle the kids and work and hospital visits.

I went in to visit her this morning (ward 81, Auckland Hospital, if anyone wants to send some love) and she trustingly gave me her log in details so I could let you all know.  It's so tempting to hijack her blog with links to my blog (see my amazing blog here! teehee) but really I wouldn't do that to her (although my suggestions did make her laugh and laugh which was nice).

These lovely flowers had arrived from Cat so I got a photo of them with the view from Simone's window (oh a room with a view!).  Apparently the rooms on the other side of the ward can see the Sky Tower.

As I was about to leave Cat arrived so we had fun playing  nurses and making the patient giggle.

Simone has no TV and only her wee cell phone for company. She's also having trouble typing on her phone as her hands aren't so good right now.  Please leave her some comment love or funny hospital stories or links to cool things (although not more than one per comment as they'll get rejected by the anti spam thingy).  You could also email her (use the button on the right) which I'm sure she'd love.  She may not be able to reply just now but believe me they will cheer her up a lot.

I'll update you again as she gets better but it may not be for a while.
Meg x

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